Requirements for Android Wear

The biggest operating systems in the current smartwatch market are watchOS and Android Wear. While Apple's software is used exclusively on its own watches, you will find Google's competing product in many devices from major manufacturers such as Samsung, Polar, Asus, Huawei or LG. Prerequisite for connecting Android Wear to iPhone is iOS 8.2 or later. There are no limitations with the smartwatch. Both older and current models can be connected to the iPhone.

Android Wear features on the iPhone

To connect your iPhone to an Android Wear watch, you'll need at least the free Android Wear app. With the program you can only set the following features of the smartwatch on iOS:

  • Dials: The dial can be customized with information and actions from apps individually and switch with a swipe.

  • Push messages on calls, text messages, messages and notifications

  • Fitness tracking: pedometer, distance meter, calorie counter and heart rate monitor for running, cycling and walking as well as the ability to set training goals.

  • Google Assistant: Anyone familiar with the Google Assistant Language Assistant on Android smartphones has to make significant cuts on the iPhone. With voice commands, you can only answer Gmail messages and create appointments. Calls can not be started.

Who compares these features with the advertised features of his watch, will quickly realize that you can not even use the full functionality with an iPhone. Add to that the instability of the app itself. Depending on the clock, notifications appear arbitrarily and errors are regularly displayed. In addition, the app on the iPhone must be constantly open, otherwise the clock can not synchronize. Also in our own tests – such as the Polar Watch M600 – we discovered that only a fraction of the features are available for the iPhone.

Source: iPhone Tricks