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  • 1 BerryKing Heartbeat
  • 2 Wahoo TICKR
  • 3 Polar heart rate sensor H10

BerryKing Heartbeat

BerryKing's heartbeat heartbeat is compatible with a variety of sports apps, including Runtastic, Endomo and Fitbit, Garmin and TomTom activity trackers. The tracker is waterproof, so it can be worn while swimming. He can not measure the pulse there anymore. The chest strap supports ANT + and Buetooth LE connections, so it uses as little energy as possible and achieves a long battery life.

The strap can be adapted to different body sizes and shapes and fits tightly with a comfortable fit. The sensor is removable and the belt can be washed so that the wearing comfort remains pleasant. The BerryKing model is the cheapest product in our comparison test. The strap is slightly larger, so it is not suitable for very slim straps. If the belt is not optimally seated, it can lead to fluctuations in the measurement.


  • compatible with many sports apps
  • waterproof
  • removable sensor
  • Belt washable


  • not suitable for slim carriers

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