Is the location information of iPhone11 Pro acquired even when the setting is off?

IT security journalist Brian Krebs discovered a problem where location information continues to be acquired even though all items are turned off in the location service of the “Settings” app of iPhone11 Pro.

Icon appears even if location information is turned off

Mr. Krebs has changed the setting so that location information is not obtained at all on the iPhone11 Pro with iOS13.2.3 installed. Go to "Settings" app> Privacy> Location services, and turn off location information acquisition for all items including system services.

This should prevent the acquisition of location information at all, but it is clear by Mr. Krebs' investigation that an arrow icon that means that location information has been acquired still appears on the left side of the battery icon became.

An unexpected comment from Apple

When Mr. Krebs asked Apple to confirm the location icon, an unexpected response was returned.

There is no security impact. The location information service icon appears when the location information service is turned on. Icons may also appear for system services that do not have a switch.

Mr. Krebs tried to see if the location information service icon appeared even with iPhone 8 with the latest iOS installed, with location information turned off, but it did not become like iPhone 11 Pro .

It is not clear why Apple will continue to acquire location information even if the setting is off only on iPhone 11 Pro, but Mr. Krebs complained that it does not match Apple's stance that places importance on user privacy The

Source: Krebs on Security via AppleInsider
Photo: Apple

Source: iPhone Mania

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