The physical keyboard “Physibo” for iPhone11 Pro appears-integrated with the case

Although it is a physical keyboard case for the iPhone that often disappears even if sold, the case-integrated "Physibo" has appeared on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Is it more durable than traditional physical keyboards?

“Physibo” is an iPhone case with a QWERTY physical keyboard. Compatible with iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro (5.8-inch display).

Although iPhone physical keyboards are preferred by some users because of their higher work efficiency than touch panels, there has been almost no long-lasting product.

The reason is that it takes too much time to install and start using, and it is fragile when dropped, but this time “ Physibo '' that appeared in Kickstarter is said to have solved both problems The

“Physibo” is a case-integrated type, so it is said to be more durable than conventional physical keyboards.

In addition, because it is equipped with a backlight, typing in the dark can be done without problems.

Since Super Early Bird has already been sold out, the minimum price of “Physibo” as of 7:30 pm on December 4 is 75 dollars (about 8,200 yen) for Early Bird.

Source: Kickstarter

Source: iPhone Mania

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