The director of the movie "John Wick" uses the iPhone 11 Pro to shoot a video

Shooting with iphone11 pro iphone

Apple has released a new “Shot on iPhone” video series. Taken with iPhone11 Pro, which appeared in the fall of 2019.

Video beauty that is hard to believe is a smartphone

As you can see, “Snowbrawl” (a coined word consisting of “Snowball: Snowball” and “Brawl: Brawl”) is not a popular promotional video.

The film was shot by David Reach, who worked on action films such as the movie “John Wick” series, “Atomic Blonde” and “Deadpool 2”.

Shooting with iphone11 pro iphone

Groups and heroes who seem to be senior students will have a snowball fight with a serious look.

Shooting with iphone11 pro iphone

So far, there have been short films and movies taken with the iPhone, but looking back now, it seems that it was still within the framework of “I can shoot beautifully for smartphones”. However, with regard to nowbrawl this time, unless you are told that it was taken with an iPhone, no one will notice that it was taken with a smartphone.

In the past, there have been many scandals that Huawei has taken with SLRs as if they were fake smartphones, so there may be some consumers who are wondering if they really took pictures with the iPhone11 Pro.

For such cautious consumers, Apple has also released a making video.

Shooting with iphone11 pro iphone
Shooting with iphone11 pro iphone
Shooting with iphone11 pro iphone

Surprisingly, it is not a large-scale device. Reach also commented that "no big equipment is needed". The great thing about Apple is that it makes you think that you can shoot as much of the same thing if you have a sense of making video.

Source: YouTube-Apple

Source: iPhone Mania

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