Engraving of words including emoji on AirPods, iPad, etc.

Apple engraved

Apple has launched a service to engrave emojis and words for some Apple products, such as AirPods, for free online only.

31 emojis that can be engraved

Apple has launched a service that allows you to imprint your favorite words for free on AirPods / AirPods Pro, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Pencil (2nd generation). According to the website, not only text but also emoji can be engraved.

However, it seems that not all pictographs can be engraved. Apple’s site has 31 emojis available for selection. In addition to familiar smiles, hearts, stars, ghosts, unicorns, etc., zodiac emoticons and poo emojis are also included.

Apple engraved

Engraving messages on iPad and iPod touch

With smaller AirPods, the text that can be imprinted is limited to short text such as names, initials, and dates, but longer messages can be imprinted on the iPad or iPod touch.

Free engraving services are not available at the Apple Store, so if you want to include emojis and favorite words in the Apple products listed above, purchase them at the Apple Online Store.

Source: Apple via 9to5Mac

Source: iPhone Mania

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