Apple’s new AirPods headset exposure: Combining some features of AirPods 2 and Pro

Yesterday, I love audio network released a set of real shots of prototypes claimed to be Apple’s new generation AirPods. The headsets follow the previous generation of semi-in-ear design and compact size, which can be used with earplugs to improve noise reduction capabilities, and the product integration is higher, and revealed The price of the headset is expected to decrease.

Some whistleblowers said that Apple will launch new versions of iPad Pro, AirTags and AirPods in March, while the new models of Apple’s Mac series equipped with Apple Silicon and the cheaper version of AirPods Max are not expected to meet in March.

It can be seen from the figure that there is a pressure relief hole on the top of the headset, a microphone pickup hole on the outside, and an infrared distance sensor and pressure relief hole on the inside. It is expected that there is a call microphone hole at the bottom of the headset.

It is reported that this headset may combine some of the current AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro features, such as the overall streamlined appearance and semi-in-ear structure, but this headset handle is slightly longer than AirPods Pro, retains pressure-sensitive touch and supports active noise reduction .

The media revealed that the wearing experience of Apple’s new AirPods will be more stable than the original AirPods and AirPods2, and can be used with detachable earplugs to increase the physical passive noise reduction effect (users can choose between active noise reduction and passive noise reduction). The headset will be equipped with a new generation of H2 chip to further reduce the size and power consumption.

In addition, the charging box of this headset looks similar in appearance to the AirPods Pro charging box, but is slightly smaller, with a charging indicator on the front of the fuselage, and the charging box also supports wireless charging.

In terms of battery life, according to the media test, the new generation of AirPods with a charging box has a total playback time of about 24 hours, which is consistent with AirPods 2.

In other respects, the new generation of AirPods is expected to adopt the same dynamic unit of AirPods Pro, and make a little optimization on the basis of maintaining the original level. The size of the speaker unit is about 11mm, and the multi-sensor design is maintained in a smaller volume. It supports special audio functions and is priced at about US$150 (RMB 1299) and is expected to be released in early March this year.

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