Shaking hands banned at MWC in Barcelona, ​​Spain-Coronavirus measures


Concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus indicate that participants were banned from shaking hands at the MWC Barcelona in Barcelona, ​​Spain at the end of this month.

Call on all participants to ban shaking

GSMA, which hosts MWC Barcelona, ​​has announced on its official website that the event will be held as scheduled. In a statement released on February 4, the GSMA said, “The GSMA has confirmed that the impact on the event so far has been minimal. MWC Barcelona (February 24-27) will be held as scheduled. “

On the other hand, it has also revealed that more stringent hygiene measures should be taken to prevent the spread of the virus. The most prominent one is “no shaking hands”. The GSMA requires all participants not to shake hands during the session.

LG announces withdrawal

In addition, signs to call for hand washing and disinfection will be installed in the venue, handrails that are frequently touched, kiosk touch screens, frequent cleaning and disinfection of toilets, etc., distribution of disinfectants for visitors, lectures The statement contains various hygiene measures, such as frequent replacement of microphones used by people.

Concerned about the spread of the coronavirus, LG Electronics Korea has announced that it will no longer participate in MWC Barcelona, ​​but no other companies have so far said they would not participate.

Source: GSMA
Photo: Pixabay

Source: iPhone Mania

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