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Find out IMEI numberThe IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is used to uniquely identify an iPhone. Each iPhone has a unique and unique 15-digit IMEI ID number. For example, this number can be used to lock a device directly if stolen. In addition, the iPhone IMEI number is often needed when it comes to support and warranty inquiries. Often, however, one wonders "Where do I find the IMEI number?". In this post, we'll show you 3 ways to get your iPhone IMEI number for your device.


  • Show IMEI in the settings
  • Display IMEI via GSM code

Show IMEI in the settings

Settings> General> Info

In order to find the IMEI code in your iPhone settings, you need to go to the settings and switch to the General tab. Now select the item Info and you will see – a little further below – the IMEI.

Show IMEI in the settings

You can copy the IMEI number directly from the settings by placing one finger on the IMEI field and then selecting Copy.

Display IMEI via GSM code

It is also possible to have the IMEI ID number displayed on the numeric keypad via a keyboard shortcut.

Telephone> Numeric keypad

Open the phone app on your iPhone and switch to the numeric keypad by tapping it in the bottom navigation bar. If you enter now the GSM code * # 06 #, you will directly see the IMEI number for your iPhone.


Unlike the first way, it is not possible to simply copy the IMEI.

If you do not see any IMEI, you should not try to change it, because that would make you punishable. In that case, first contact Apple Support and ask what it might mean.

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