The Smoothest Movement in Apex Legends…

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  1. Bro plz do a tutorial on how to get better at the game because I watched your older videos and you improved considerably.

  2. No hate or anything, and I know you said that’s not your favorite map, but really seems like you aren’t even enjoying it because you are just that good

  3. They player in me wants to see some tougher fights, the sadist in me wants to see you crush your enemies, see them kneel before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

  4. i love how u say bot lobbys when i probobly get those lobbies and dies cause im new and i have 0 wins 🙁

  5. Faz:. "Above average- really good" player:gets bot lobbies.

    Me: "average to above average" player: gets high diamond to pred sweat lobbies with bad teammates

  6. my brother in christ, u chose pubs, play ranked if it's so boring to be unattainably better than everyone else

  7. So unnecessary , 40% is this movement is useless unless you are hard stuck gold 1 lol 😂

  8. i respect how good you are, but how do you get these lobbys? when i play like its only 2 squads left in 1st zone. JUST HOW?

  9. I love how you can casually drop a 20 bomb and not have any sort of reaction lol. That's how you know you're a good player.

  10. I’ve noticed you use the mastiff more than the peacekeeper. Is there a reason or is it just preference

  11. genuine question is there a technique to get these lobbies i want to get better at solo duos but lobbies are hard

  12. I haven’t clicked on ur notis since the fortnite montages and was shocked by how good ur doing gs tho


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