START WINNING EVERY FIGHT! (Fighting Guide with Advanced Tips and Tricks) [Apex Legends]

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Understand The Fight
3:10 – Entering a Fight
4:58 – Peeking
6:39 – Teamshotting
7:50 – Advanced Healing
9:29 – Summary

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  1. I love you because I'm playing apex from 2 years but I don't get 20 bombs anytime after watching your videos I dropped my first 20 bombs with loba

  2. I'm just trying to win but everytime I'm getting a fight my movement is ruining my games.

  3. In the advanced healing section I would’ve added in the middle of a fight if you down an enemy and the teamates are not pushing or are running away you can have the person with lowest shields or if they have no heals to have that teamate finish the enemy and then the other 2 guard him the shield swap is good but if the enemy has a lower tier armour then some people won’t swap

  4. you know if everyone starts winning every fight how are we supposed to win a fight…

  5. Idk why , but after watching this video , I won with one teammate(one left in the middle of the game ) as the kill leader (7kills) not my first time doing that , but the coimcidence

  6. Great content and good tips to improve gameplay. The biggest tip I can offer is adjust your perspective. If you have the proper mindset everything else will fall into place

  7. I don’t play it enough. I have yet to find the legend for me. Good video and helping tips

  8. I'm still learning, but what's helped me avoid dying as much up close/mid range is ADS for only a sec, then hip fire while going crazy with crouches n jumps. If they miss more than u, swap to next weapon n pressure them.
    Other thing is to actively look for cover at all times, get deep into that habit. Resist the urge to run straight to the enemy or your teammate

  9. Why do you speak with a radio commerical voice? each sentence is like high pitch high pitch end low pitch. Just talk like a human being dude.

  10. I had a headache for 4 days took a break from apex and came back cracked like shroud I think I have super powers now

  11. One question, is important to mastery one specific gun? I mean being new is hard to remember all guns and i always forgot how to use all of them

  12. this is the best video i’ve ever watched about fighting in apex, i actually have been winning more games thank you so much <3

  13. Man I’ve been playing for 6 months solid and I only have 17 kills. I watch these videos but I feel like I’m not getting any better. What should I do?

  14. Thank you valued. I try my best to continue hitting diamond but tips are always welcome!

  15. My issue is I get rushed by a full team and my team Isn't coming to help and I'm just stuck there

  16. I think my biggest problems when playing Gibby is when I'm being shot at by different angles and whenever my teammates aren't around

  17. 2:30 This gibby seriously needs to watch some Pro Guide videos like right now asap. What was this dude thinking lol

  18. You guys are awesome and you are really underated. Love your vids keep it up

  19. Just got to plat again and as usual I’m stuck
    Update tip video for getting to diamond?

  20. Hey if there are any past diamond players in silver/gold on ps4/5 I am looking for teammates to play ranked

  21. Do you have tips for aiming. All people say is pull down on your anolog stick which I already do but my aim I've been playing since the game came out and still can't keep my aim as steady as a YouTuber

  22. My biggest problem is the beliving in my self, my personel main is Seer, cause i know where the enemys are and how low. I ned this infos to have like no fear of the enemys.
    Sorry for my English, my mother language is swiss german.




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