Top 10 iPhone Games you MUST play – #C4EGames 51

10 iOS Games we feel you must play!

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Download Links

00:11 – All is Lost –
00:40 – Running Dead –
01:10 – Sky Force Reloaded –
01:42 – UpTap –
02:11 – Polyforge –
02:41 – Follow a line –
03:11 – Nukleus Logic Traces Steps –
03:42 – Color Bots –
04:12 – Frisbee® Forever 2 –
04:33 – Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run – Tactical Runner –

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  1. Ash still on the top on tech Indian YouTube channel. I am continuously watching between you and Geeky Ranjeet. It is a good and very healthy race.

  2. do try vainglory!
    espn e-sports named it the best mobile e-sport in the world!

  3. Nice game reviews…I will request you to add Assassin's Creed Identity gameplay 🙂

  4. ash you are uploading best content on "tech YouTube india" Right now keep it up.

  5. One thing is sure, the AppStore has better game titles and the apps are optimized and work better. Not being a fanboy, thats just how it is.

  6. Hi ash, could you do a battery life comparison for phones with 2k screens specifically

  7. hey ash/sundar if the games are available in playstore(crossplatform) too be sure share the link of them in the show notes much appreciated


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