PULLING KUKI SHINOBU Constellations! Will ITTO Come Home First? Genshin Impact 2.7

I summoned for Kuki Shinobu constellations on the Genshin Impact 2.7 Itto Banner! How many pulls does it take? Are my summons lucky or unlucky? Find out! #genshinimpact #Genshin #Shinobu

Shinobu Review:
Itto Guide:
Shinobu Guide:
Shinobu Constellations review:

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  1. Too bad , your discord filled with seniority (old member always right).
    Just got out, and i cant direct mesage with you sevy in discord.

  2. I saw Tectone's pulls on this banner, and I was convinced that this is actually the Chongyun banner. Can't risk my guaranteed pity for Kazuha for Kuki. She will have to wait.

  3. Am i the only one not having issues with this banner? C2 Kuki and winning the 50/50 in 60 wishes '_' From what i read around in the community i've got some dirty luck ahahhahahah

  4. I don't always agree with you, but her music does indeed slap. An amazing pairing of different instruments.

  5. You should do a physical Kuki showcase with Chongyun just to honor how many copies you've gotten.

  6. Congrats on C3 Itto. Let's see how good your Shinobu is once you finish building her.

  7. I had my first itto and c2 gorou. Just need a healer that wont freeze my dps and support. Congrats sevy on c3 itto and kuki.

  8. I would like to get her c2 but I'm already at 40+ pity and don't want to get anymore Itto const as I already got c6. I'll probably decide after the 2.8 banners are announced.

  9. Scraped up 40 wishes. I built up 25 wishes AFTER Yelan. I'm hoping for no more dog boy 🤞🏾🙏🏾

    EDIT: 35 wishes later, I got her to C2, lost my 50/50 to C3 Jean, letsgoooo.

    Wait, no I gotta farm ruin snek again 😭🤬🐍

  10. Everyone been complaining about not getting kuki and then there’s me with 4 4stars on one 10 pull with 2 kuki…

  11. I might top up on Kazuha's banner if I don't get C2. ONLY because I'll get double the crystals for getting it the first time. 6k primos not worth it it for 100$ if you don't have the bonus top up but for almost 13k that's alright

  12. My very 1st rainslasher came from this banner on my 1st 10 pull same as you. I also lost Yelan to Keqing same as you. This seems tooo much of a coincidence. But I did get Kuki on my 2nd 10 pull which is where we differed.

  13. as someone who never wins their 50/50s either, this made me so happy hahah congrats on you c3 itto (and c2 kuki!)

  14. Just saying the bell will be a great weapon for a hp scaler claymore user like yelan and recurve bow, exhale excess copium

  15. Congrats! Your pulls were dope. I did 60 pulls hoping for 2 Gorous (I was c4), 1 Shinobu, and maybe any 5* if extra lucky (I main Itto so c1 would be a cool bonus but a guaranteed would be fine too). Instead I only got 3 Chongyuns (he was c6), 1 cheeky Yanfei, r7 fav codex, r8 stringless, and at least c6 Gorou AFTER using starglitter wishes. I'm fine without the cookie and c0 Itto is perfectly fine, but a part of me is kinda sad no one in the Arataki gang came home. At least the real geo archon can now hit more when Itto yeets him thanks to Gorou's buffs!

  16. Congrats on not only those pulls but WINNING TWO 50/50s, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    My Shinobu pulls went well, I got C2, one Chongyun (for my Cryo Kaeya dream) AND I won my 2nd 50/50 on my account ever by getting C1 Itto! Funny enough, your first 50/50 win was Ayaka, mine was Ayato! XD

  17. ive seen so many streamers trying to pull shinobu on the Sakura shrine. y'all, you guys are doomed since the start, she's been avoiding the shrine her entire life..

  18. I didn't have enough primogems but I really wanted Kuki… got C10 Chingyun instead and now I'm empty 🙁

  19. Really this is Chongus' banner. 🤣 but really the luck you have this banner 😊

  20. Happy I got an early 5* at 30 pity, sad I lost 50/50, but then happy again I finally got Jean at AR58, then sad again I didn’t get one Kuki in the process. I’m just on a roller coaster of emotions rn 🥲

  21. Well I did get Ittooo even I didnt plan too get him….but early gold and my score 50:50 is
    8 won and 1 lost (iam f2p)
    But when Kazuha come I will lost that time when I need a victory the most

  22. I was so relieved to see I wasn’t the only one who got Chongyun constellations and random weapons in the beginning, and an Itto 50/50 win with a kuki by the end. Congrats to everyone who survived their pulls and got a kuki.

  23. I can't be the only one who wants to see Shinobu dressed as a baker and then have a bakery called Kuki's Cookie shop while still having her mask on. Great now I really do want fan art of that lol. Still man so many cookies!

  24. I Got C2 itto too.. but I was pulling for chongyun.. he only came home once for me 🙁

  25. I did 120 pulls and got 4 Chongyuns, 3 Gorous, 1 Kuki and LOST my 50/50 to get Jean 😑…. C'mooonnnnn Kazuha 🤞🏼

  26. Hello Ms. Strimmer. Please don’t swear. Thanks! 😊

    (If you know, you know.)

  27. 40 rolls got me 1x Chongyun and 3x Kuki😍
    And if I counted correctly with my next 10 pull, I should either be on 50/50 or full pity. So, I will save that who comes next

  28. I went for Itto's sword (I have little to no wishes/money) and I lost the first pity to that other 5 star item T_T.. So close yet so far away! Glad to see you got both Itto and Kuki so high already x3.


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