Official news 7hrs ago Diablo Immortal UPDATE

Official news 7hrs ago Diablo Immortal update

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  1. July 14th….no DI release in mainland China, I guess you really need to address that Stew, after all you called some creators liars, and you based that opinion on a botched geography knowledge. But seeing the comments I don't think you have the courage to do it.
    Edit to update view numbers in the purple streaming platform…1.1k

  2. My man….Blizz made 5 servers for “China”…..and like 30 for SE Asia. Does it make sense, 5 servers to handle 1.2 billion people. Ur going to lose ur audience u talk about stuff you cant understand. Look at how many server US has, EU….stop playing DI and think….5 servers for China….something is not right

  3. The only lies is from you…….

    What happens when u get 5 5star gems ? , u can buy a thingie so u can collect 5 more 5 star gems……

    Question , can you get it while playing FTP ?

    You my good sir is getting payed from Blizzard and a con artist.

  4. The most unbelievable amazing spectacular game ever made indeed. Played 1 hour and deleted it lol big fan of Diablo I and II cannot stand this spit in the face of a game =( so disappointed

  5. We miss you in Raid, Stew. Loved your Uncommon series and still love your past RSL guides.

  6. Can blizzard at least give us some legendary crest like something for f2p players. I honestly quit because I felt like I’m not getting any stronger. And the god damn level server caps why does that have to be in the game.

  7. To call people that stream like the Max roll team liars is disingenuous to the time they spent putting guides together testing the game to the extreme where was Stew gaming at then I ponder🤔

  8. I think most people realise what's a lie to make the game look bad.
    Take the lies away it's still a bad game that prey on people that don't bend over for the spenders.

    And I watched some of your streams to see how the "#1 barbarian" looks like and you are just a load of steam talking exactly like the company you are defending. Why complain about lies about the bad sides of the game, when you lie to make it look better.

  9. You need a reality check. This game will be around in 10 years? This game is a ship cut in half sinking from both sides. It's garbage and was fun until the whales took over. Vault is a waste now, BG are terrible, and all the stupid stupid soft caps.

  10. I'm sorry but for somebody who says they play this game which I know that you do cuz I see your content your garbage to completely ignore the fact that this game is literally pay to win I play this game and I have paid in this game is still garbage and I do watch asmond gold he had all the guides for me playing World of Warcraft but his opinion doesn't sway me from this game this game's predatory nonsense does your garbage dude all your videos flat out are Garbage they support a game that is completely garbage would be one thing if you call the spade a spade but you're always defending it like it's not what it is I don't care if you enjoy this game I don't care if anybody enjoys this game but to sit here and defend it like it's not what it is it's pathetic

  11. Came here for the news per the title. First time viewer. 5 minutes in you are whining about whiners… man, just give me the damned news. Edit: finished the video… wow, not once did you even talk about any of the updates coming in season 2. That was the entire reason I came here: to get the "Official news" for "Diablo Immortal UPDATE".

  12. Ive been playing for awhile and dude almost 30% of my server population is gone especially the whales that found out how much in gems and essence it took to max.

  13. Stew has to be a paid troll for Activision Blizzard, no idea how he still promotes cancer like DI. Maybe get a job in Russia, Putin would love him.

  14. They literally do have pop ups for dungeons after completing them for the first time dude…
    That isn't even a point to argue
    Come on Stew…this is copium

  15. @StewGaming dude you need to introduce me to your dealer XD … After that sarcastic joke let's get down to reality,I play in Polish ethereal and UK SoJ server ,I play with my Polish friends and UK since I am leaving in Scotland and have few m8s playing on UK server , reality check for you you can access server login activity I let you figur out how to do that ,gin they are pages for that …,moving on 2 Polish server that support Eastern Europe including west Russia and about 12 different countries ,day one 3,7 milion players yesterday 27 almost 28 thousand ,let's make a quick I call it round math what's that 7% after a month of game life time similar story in UK ,I mean seriously I get that this the game of choice for you and the more you keep the hipe the more money you make from YT,but there is point when you have to stop selling your self as a cheep S and face the reality ,make people awere of problem which in fact is a massive problem when the game progression is locked behind pay wall ,and that's no denying bro anymore ,resonance items even when you finally get to lvl 10 of your gems and your items to aweken them you have to pay for the item , you cannot farm it , you can't farm in game currency to buy it so it is in fact p2w ,at least agree to that and stop lying if not to your self than to your viewers.

  16. "The game is growing". Growing in reverse? Growing on opposite day? This game is sinking faster than a lead balloon. Hopefully in the next few years, there will be bigger restrictions on gambling in video games and we can outlaw this type of stuff from existing. This is not a game. This is capitalism simulator, where your net worth is how powerful your character is.

  17. Haha the game will last 10 years? I've already completed the main story and ready to uninstall anytime

  18. There are many respectable content creators (Raxx and the Maxroll team, Filthy Casual, etc.) that have tried and tested DI and have presented real feedback to Blizzard regarding how the P2W issues makes it so not fun for casuals. They have made detailed videos backed by facts as to why they are no longer interested and how those same negative elements may affect future players. I realize that this is your new content platform and revenue stream (possibly), but even with the heresay the P2W issue is too real to ignore and most of us are burnt out on the cash grab game model (RAID was the last). I'll stick with D3. I may max out my toons in a month or 2 but it is funs never costs me anything. I get my seasonal pet (maybe some new wings) and am happy. Wait for next season.

  19. if you cn do everything what everybody else does in this game as a f2p then become top 10 pvp rank with your f2p characteer and proove us wrong

  20. i dont see any videos from you about this topic few days ago, now ehen you see headline you rush to create this bs video and act like you were right lol

  21. Judging by the views, and the 0.3 metacritic score it would seem you are in the minority opinion. The game is fun for a couple hours, but after that you just log in to do the same stuff over and over again. Just play Path Of Exile, way better

  22. Its considered a free to pla y game but you literally can't get even remotly close to the gear or gems as someone who pays. Not even in the same league. Free to play on this game are literally getting less then scraps and shit guy says it isn't so bad lol. Dude you grind for 2 days and not get any legendarys. deuces

  23. Can you make a comment about the $540,000 to max out gems? Is that a lie? Plz review that!

  24. Bro has lost his marbles haha I have played nearly every gotcha game out there. Immortals monetization is the worst it's so bad do not play this game

  25. This game a garbage and people are jumping ship. Don’t waste your money and don’t believe people like this guy. Wait for D4 folks.

  26. Hong Kong is a pencil dot on the southern coast of china… something else is going on. hong kong is part of some different regulations not tied to China. It's not exactly releasing in China at this time…

  27. Well over 1800 CR now, would be higher but, not enough time with family, work etc. Lots of tricks to get your resonance up including farming the rifts for embers for chance to make 5 stars, using the market to your advantage etc. Oh killed that second vitah boss last night, just took one plyer invite over 2k CR. Took some practice but ya know, git gud kidz


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