Wizard is the WORST CLASS for SOLO PvE in Diablo Immortal

I would NOT recommend Wizard class to any casual Solo PvE players of Diablo Immortal… The class feels OK in group content, but is very hard work as you fight through the campaign and especially the final boss fights, such as Skarn.

Why make your life harder as a player who just wants to have some fun on their own, while there are much better class options available in Diablo Immortal – such as Crusader, Necromancer or Barbarian? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


00:00 – Summary
02:15 – Wizard Skills
09:45 – Rating other classes
11:00 – Most fun class!

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  1. Agree, my crusader is better alot for me. I will switch back crusader, because wizard isn't the right class for me. With Crusader I feel so strong and leading the team all time, with wizard feel like a coward.

  2. Wizard has the most builds and it takes the right legendary gear to make the wizard strong, meanwhile every other class (besides the crusader & monk support builds) has one major build that everyone uses to do the most dps. That is what makes diablo immortal boring af to me.

  3. you are right wizards have a hard time with single bosses. Skarn was not easy but was doable before i hit 60 after learning his mechanics. wizards have the best clear times their aoe damage is unmatched dancing around rifts blowing everything up. You re also right they are squishy but as long as you are farming around your level you can stand there tank mobs while you channel disintegrate. I think wizard might be underwhelming on boss fights but outside of that pve and pvp can be very fun. People saying wizard is the worst class are talking about minute differences. blizzard has done a great job at balancing the classes in this game. People that enjoy wizard playstyle in other games will still enjoy it in this one. Wizard gets a ton of cc which makes farming much easier later on I dont see any class that can kill packs faster. wizard does have skill that are quite useless tho i can agree with that ei the primary attacks and arcane nova it gets modifiers later on that give it some utility but besides that its not really used. For reference lvl60 para20 wizard