Tim Cook Didn’t Want To Buy Tesla!?

Going live to discuss Apple’s EV rumors and Elon Musk’s tweets about meeting (or not meeting) with Tim Cook a few years ago!

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  1. Dude…you’re way too late…and whatever you have to say on this subject is…soooo…passé!!!!! Out…dude….

  2. Apple has some good Lidar technology and processors too (not just batteries), thoughts on their self driving tech using lidar and a version of their new chip in their car?

  3. "(Tim Cook) refused to take the meeting". This does not speak well for Tim Cook's ability to identify future trends. He is still living off the stocked larder that Steve Jobs left behind. Apple fan boys will disagree. How AAPL is performing against TSLA will tell the story. My money is on Elon Musk.

  4. 2012: Tesla rejects offer to sell to Apple
    2018: Apple rejects offer to buy Tesla
    How times change…

  5. Tim Cook likely mistakenly thought Tesla would bankrupt and Apple could acquire Tesla for pennies on the dollar. Tim rolled the dice and came up “snake eyes”.

  6. Worth remembering that Foxconn make Apple's products now but Foxconn also have developed several skateboard for the EV market. So the manufacturing question is perhaps not as far fetched as it seems. Also Dyson's car would be up for sale…. as well as Lucid etc . Can road data be caught through hand led device such as an iPhone? I wonder whether in the end Apple could leapfrog on the data side if this us the case?

  7. Tim Cook Is just a manager. He is the administrator of Steve Job's legacy. He's no visionary, no innovator and lacks foresight. Basically Apple is running on inertia until someone smarter comes up with something new, like neuralink.
    Edit: Can't wait for Tesla tablets and laptops with their proprietary chips and os.

  8. Gali:
    Question for you: what is/are the major differences between Apple and Tesla’s business models and goals?

  9. It's not just batteries and autonomy that's required for mass EV/robotaxi business. You have to have the manufacturing wherewithal to actually make the cars. This is arguably harder than the other elements and Apple outsources all of their manufacturing as far as I'm aware. I think it's a near certainty that they will partner with a legacy automaker for their manufacturing needs.

  10. Apple can move mountains with their engineering and capital but like you mentioned what is their strategy to obtain Driving Data. The only reason FSD doesn't work on Tesla is the edge cases and being able to anticipate the last 0.001% scenarios.

    Apple's LiDar in the phone might be an area they might develop like their silicon. Possibly LiDar and Silicon will be pushed forward with Apple. But even with World class chips and sensors, they'll have to be able to analyze all their data if it reaches to scale. Andrej Karpathy work on FSD is years of product development and even if you have an amazing AI team like Deepmind helping Waymo. Without the acquired data, you can't do much with it.

  11. Apple is a good company in it's field. but Tesla and musk R year's ahead ! Tim Cook should have taken that call . they haven't got the money to buy Elion Brains.

  12. Apple is no longer innovative, this is why I don't own any shares. Now they must react, it's a competition for eyes. When people text while driving it's a good sign for Apple (bad as it is), but Tesla is becoming a future threat. Apple needs to move into AR with glasses to maintain their position, now I'm not interested in turning/taking them off while in the car. Inversely, Tesla might consider advanced HUD design. It would be pretty slick to have AI information laid directly over what you can see through the windshield… or what size equivalent TV is a windshield for the latest movie? Cybertruck has a flat windshield ideal for projecting stuff, just sayin'. Barring that, I need a better reason than a "small" central screen not to pick up a phone to see the latest text etc. while in the vehicle. ^ It's a competition for eyes.

  13. Apple and Tesla Simply Not Compatible Based on First Principles: Both are very successful companies, but Apple's #1 mission is to make profit while Tesla #1 mission is to save the world.

  14. With Tesla and Apple making EV’s the OEM are going to shit themselves. Two absolute power houses Are going to crush the competition unfortunately

  15. Hahaha Apple trying to make cars is like McDonald’s trying to make cellphones. Mass producing a car will be the end of apple. Too much competition coming. Building cars is extremely capital intensive and the margins are not big enough for apple to give up all the cash they have. I. Addition, they are years behind Tesla in autonomous mole driven. This is nothing more than an apple joke

  16. being a long of AAPL as well was pre "reg A" investor in FUV, think it would be a neat if AAPL bought an interest in FUV to help speed along adoption of a new affordable transport platform,… imagine a lighter FUV built with a carbon fiber roll cage and structural battery box w/ a windscreen that is aviation grade, state of the art battery/battery-management hardware designed with apple attention to detail (consider the new apple m1 chip)

    if data is the new oil AND if there was a really reliable new three wheel vehicle that way undercut the cost of a four wheel vehicle this might be one way to catch up tesla autopilot miles

    of course to avoid the problem of having all one's eggs in basket, I really like the "local" AMP (arcimoto production plant) model

  17. Worse battery in your new iPhone? Unless you got a new iPhone Mini, that comment seems a little sus…

  18. Investing in Crypto and bitcoin are really profitable right now to invest with the favourable market price 💯

  19. I don't think miles alone determine the potential sucess of an FSD system. It is how efficiently the company behind can use it to improve their system. Their closest competitor (the Mobile Eye) collects 6 or 7 million driven miles per day as well. A comparable amount in my opinion. Their system works differently but I assume them to compete at least at eye level with Tesla. They may even come out in front.
    I also wonder about the battery tech: Tesla considers LFP batteries as second grade, however BYD brought out their "blade battery" which IS LFP tech and their new top model has 600km reach apparently (372 miles). Not that bad…

  20. Tesla doesn't have to buy Apple, they'll go under by Tesla disruption. Tesla made their own ICU.!

  21. Hi Gali,
    I think, as the legacy manufacturers have always done, will buy-in and purchase Tesla’s battery pack and technology to survive!

  22. Apple is highly secretive company how did someone found out that Apple is building car? Facts check??

    Tesla is new “Apple” of entire auto and energy sector and everything in between.
    It’s funny that people never understood so far(exception would be Cathy Wood & Ron Barron) what Tesla has done and it’s potential impact on the sector are comparing Apple’s (future) threat to Tesla now.

    Google & Samsung & others are still trying to beat Apple for past 15 years or so, we already know how that’s working out, right??

    People who can not afford Apple iPhones in the world buy other products. Since Elon wants to build best products and make it cheaper so everyone can afford it, how Apple will do the same which they have never done for consumer electronics!!!

    And more importantly, Elon has gone on still does on record and says what exactly he will do. Apple is almost like ICE car company, they make or come up with new stuff once a year, while Tesla constantly innovates and change the products on the fly.

  23. What about development of new AI softwares that could learn faster without this much data. Programs like MuZero from Deepmind.
    Goerges Holtz see important advancement with this one.
    If this happen all those miles could become less revelant.
    We have to keep in mind that a human need not even 1000 miles to have it's driving license.
    After 100 000 miles this human is pretty good at it. (I know not every ones)
    Just to keep an open mind.
    This said, catching Tesla within 4 years with no factory yet ? I dont know how they can do this.

  24. If Cook apple is so good why not making a rocket and shoot it into space carrying a log * apple made in China*

  25. What do you guys think about mobileye? They have a lot of data as well and mapping sounds like a really good idea.

  26. Hey Gali – have you looked at Arrival? Would love to hear your take on it, and how/when one might invest in them?

  27. Within the next two years Tesla will be producing at a rate of 2 million cars a year, there is no manufacturer available to make any way near that number for Apple.

  28. Samsung makes batteries and makes cars in Korea if people didn't know that…doesn't mean anything possible for apple

    Tesla smartphone companion device to replace the app 😉

  29. Elon tweet about tim cook shows that he holds a strong grudge against him which means he has a thirst to crush him which is good news for tesla holders

  30. If you get in the Tesla robotaxi and you put your iPhone down because the entertainment, experience, service the ride provides is just that good, Apple the company becomes less valuable to the end consumer in that moment. Apple has to do this but perhaps ironically they're hoping to be the Android of transportation to Tesla's Apple. Keeping with the smart phone analogy, I think Amazon will be the Android of transportation and Apple will be the Microsoft. Shoot, forgot about Google… Jeez these guys were always the competition, not the years and years of the "legacy automakers are coming" nonsense. Fortunately for Tesla, they have the head start and their strategy has nicer tailwinds.

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