The Rewind: M1 Mac mini diary – my favorite Apple product of the moment

In this episode of the Rewind, I discuss using the M1 Mac mini as my daily driver.
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Featured accessories in this video:
OWC Helios 3S PCIe Thunderbolt enclosure:
I use the OWC Helios 3S to house my custom 24 TB PCIe SSD made possible via the Amfeltec Squid.

Samsung T7:
The Samsung T7 is my go-to portable SSD for the Mac mini and MacBook Pro. It’s small, durable, fast, and has plenty of storage.

Keychron K2:
The Keychron K2 is currently my favorite mechanical wireless keyboard.

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FCPX plugins by MotionVFX:

Favorite gear:
Camera – Sony A7S III:
Lens –
Computer – M1 Mac mini:
Audio – Sound Devices MixPre-3 II:
Microphone – Shure SM7B:

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0:00 Introduction
2:20 Upgrade to 16GB of RAM
3:29 Storage
4:51 I/O
5:42 External display required
6:36 Bluetooth problems
8:03 Sound
8:48 Performance

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  1. Where do you connect the speakers ? I would like to take an older iMac as monitor. Could I use those speakers ?

  2. I definitely suggest using the "Logitech mx keys for mac" (maybe with the mouse too) with the USB Receiver…. I know you lose the USB port, but, in case of an "emergency", you can use the Bluetooth connection.

  3. Trying to find your video review on the OWC Helios 3S PCIe Thunderbolt enclosure. No joy. Got a link?

  4. The one thing that bothers me with the mac mini is that i cannot control external device audio and to a lesser extent monitor brightness. It really sucks IMO. Any thoughts or solutions??

  5. If this is your daily driver, does that mean you have a special computer you keep aside in storage for special occasions?

  6. I would love to have a mac mini but there is no way I am paying for a new mac with ongoing blutooth issues like this. Also, the limited 16 gb of ram is ridiculous. My 2016 mbp has never had this issue. I will wait for the new imac as that is what I am more interested in as an investment in my music studio.

  7. Just get the 16 gig, 256SSD and a hub (Satechi makes a good one) and purchase a 500g – 1tb external SSD…Samsung T5 or T7. Don’t jump up to the 512 SSD…You’re going to get an external drive anyway so there’s no need to spend the extra $200. I’ve had mine for about four months now and I love it…you won’t regret your purchase.

  8. The M1 Mac Mini is irrelevant product.
    The MacBook Air has a built-in keyboard with Touch ID, display, camera/mic/stereo speakers and battery for portability. The Mini is only $300 less and has the same M1 System-on-Chip, but doesn’t have those extra features, so there is no point it even existing.

    Apple should cancel the Mac Mini because it has not relevance in the M1 era.

  9. Any one experiencing lack of seamless connection with NAS? As described by Elevated Systems?

  10. umm, just to point out you can't use the HomePods (OG or Mini) on the Mac in Stereo Pair…

  11. Nice video, but it suck to watch youtube HDR on my imac, it's too bright and almost make me blind.

  12. I have 8gb version and I never had any issues with anything

    I'm Using cubase 10.5, and a lots of vsts inserts etc and m1 never get a sweat and don't forget this is rosseta not m1 native code

  13. Great review! I'm a month in on my Mini 16G/512G and it's been great. It's my first Mac (after 30 years of Windows/Linux machines), but the industry-defining moment the M1 has created encouraged me to adopt it. Glad I did! (BTW, I don't use Bluetooth so haven't experienced any issues).

  14. M1 Mini on my desk with awesome peripherals and dual 4K monitors is great.
    For $699 it's a steal. I don't video edit but I tend to have a lot of apps open and the 8GB has kept up, I'm very impressed.
    Bluetooth has been the biggest disappointment. I used wired peripherals except for audio conferencing and it seems 11.2 has stopped dropping audio out but microphone with AirPods Pro and third party headset still sounds robotic or misses inputs. It was unreliable before 11.2 for both in and out but now seems to still exist on the microphone input.

  15. I got an M1 Mac mini as my main workstation with dual monitor setup and the M1 MacBook Air for when I’m on the go and I don’t think I will ever be going back to anything Intel based when it comes to the Mac ecosystem. It’s by far the best experience I’ve had within the ecosystem.

  16. Could you do a video on HDR support on macs? I have issues with viewing 4K HDR videos (MKV, MOV) on my Intel Mac mini 2018 with my Samsung Q9FN HDR TV. There are A LOT of people with Mac HDR problems so I think it would be a great video

  17. The price difference for the 8gb to16gb is more if you shop outside of the Apple store. You can pick up an 8gb /256GB version for $599 (Micro Center) but the 16gb versions are hard to find outside the Mac store. $300 for 8gb RAM is excessive, hell, $200 is excessive.

  18. I missed out on the Costco and Amazon $599 deal for the base model a week ago. With that sale price, it had me really considering the mac mini versus the more expensive M1 Air and Pro macbooks.

  19. Based on the videos that i watched on youtube i went out and bought a mac mini m1 and honestly it's not that good and the videos on the internet are mainly from people that use macs as their daily driver.
    This is so misleading, the whole system feels so laggy and unresponsive compared to an i7 PC in the same price range.
    The thing that I'm trying to say is that if you're a PC guy thinking that the m1 is a good bang for the money then trust me it's not, i have it and i regret the purchase.
    An i7 tenth-generation pc feels way more responsive. I suppose these reviewers are so locked into the apple ecosystem that they haven't used a PC for a long time, a decent pc of course.

  20. You mention "overall weird stuff" but give no details or point to another video that gives those details. What is the "weird stuff"?

  21. Mine is also great , the only thing bothering me is the HDMI display buy , it’s when you keep getting the pink squares on display every time goes to sleep .

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