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In recent years, Apple’s speed of updating MacBook has become more ordinary. Until the end of November last year, it suddenly announced the M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro and M1 Mac mini, all of which are entry-level product lines. There will be many special offers in the next few months. Proceeding, I believe many people will be curious, is the current time suitable to start the M1 MacBook laptop?

Is it the best time to buy an M1 MacBook now?Have to wait or start directly

It is undeniable that the M1 MacBook is the best choice among Apple laptops, and you will not regret the purchase, but if you want to get the best and latest MacBook, then the M1 MacBook is really not suitable for buying now. It is recommended that you continue to wait A few months will be better.

The main reason is that the M1 series product line, which is all the lowest-end product line in the Apple Silicon Mac series, maintains the design of the old product in terms of appearance design, which is not much different from the previous generation model, even the MacBook Air does not have it in the body. Fans can also easily lead to high temperature and frequency reduction.

So who should buy M1 Macbook? And who is not suitable for buying an M1 Macbook laptop?

Who should buy M1 Macbook?

First of all, M1 MacBook or M1 Mac mini is only suitable for the following types of users:

  • Office clerical
  • Writer
  • Music creation
  • Run machine learning locally
  • Lightweight FCPX editing
  • Easy Photoshop, Lightroom retouching users
  • Remote development
  • Run business outside

Users in these types of scenarios usually have low requirements for laptops. It is not a big problem to choose to buy M1 Macbook. If you are worried that there will be a major facelift soon after you start, you are afraid that you will buy the latest model? It is recommended to wait a few months without rushing.

Who is not suitable to buy M1 Macbook?

Most people often say “M1 MacBook output is super fast” out of the box. Otherwise, if a netizen on the Internet asks which Apple computer to buy, someone will definitely say M1 without any doubt. As for the shortcomings, all are omitted.

If you are a heavy imaging worker, it is usually unlikely that you will not install plug-in work at all, and compatibility issues cannot be solved in a short time. You still need to wait for subsequent developers to release it, which will seriously affect your work. It is not recommended to start with M1 MacBook.

For Final Cut Pro users, the biggest problem at the moment is that the compatibility of third-party plug-ins is too low. Unless you rarely use third-party plug-ins, and all of them are built-in, there is really no big problem.

If you want to process 8K 30fps 10bit 422 h265 videos, it is basically impossible to edit smoothly on M1 Mac computers. Even M1 Mac can only have advantages in A7S3 and EOS R5 devices, which is equivalent to 4K H.265 10bit 4:2. :2 It can only be played under the video format editing, otherwise the output processing efficiency will be inferior to the Windows laptop (RTX30 series graphics card).

If you have the following requirements, it is not recommended to start M1 Macbook:

  • Need to install Windows system (ARM version software will not be installed)
  • Run Windows professional software
  • Run 3A level games Windows games
  • Heavy program developer
  • Professional field workers

It is usually recommended whether the software currently used for work already supports the M1 chip. It will not be too late to buy after the support. Maybe then it is not just the M1 entry style that can be selected, but there are higher-end models that can be purchased, so that you can spend less time changing Machine cost.

Buy M1 MacBook now or wait?

There has been news that Apple is preparing a new high-end MacBook Air 2021 model, which is expected to be launched before the end of 2021. It will be equipped with M1X chip, mini-LED screen, MagSafe magnetic charging and appearance will usher in a comprehensive facelift, and Add new colors.

Is it the best time to buy an M1 MacBook now?Have to wait or start directly

There is also news that Apple is preparing to launch 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro high-end models, which will be the most powerful models this year. It is expected to be equipped with M1X or M2 chips. As for these two models, they may also be equipped with mini-LED screens and MagSafe magnetic charging design, 16-inch MacBook Pro will also provide more Thunderbolt holes, will return to SD card reader slot and HDMI, and even the appearance will be redesigned.

Is it the best time to buy an M1 MacBook now?Have to wait or start directly

In addition, Mac mini 2021 will also usher in a redesign of the appearance, will add “plexiglass material”, magnetic power connector and M1X chip.

Is it the best time to buy an M1 MacBook now?Have to wait or start directly

Apple had promised in November 2020 that it would fully update the existing MacBook and iMac product lines within the past two years, replacing all of them with its own Apple Silicon chips. This also indicates that there will definitely be new opportunities for Mac updates from this year to next year, and It is not only the replacement of the processor, but also the appearance of a major update, just like a new iMac design.

It has been half a year now, and there are only a few months left, and Apple plans to hold a product launch again. So at this time, it is recommended to wait for the new MacBook to be launched. It is not too late to think about it, and it can avoid using it. Within months, newly purchased equipment instantly becomes an old model, and there may even be a wave of price cuts.

If you think that the design or faster M1X or M2 processor release will not affect the user experience, and it is indeed necessary to use it because of demand, then just buy the M1 MacBook!

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