Check out Apple’s New Spring Apple Watch Band Lineup! Hermes, Nike, Sport Loop, & More!

Apple released more than a dozen new Apple Watch bands for Spring 2021! I got my hands on ALL OF THEM to give you a hands-on look! Check out the new colors for the Sport Loop, Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop, Sport Band, Nike Sport Band, Leather Link, and Hermes bands!

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0:00 Intro
1:03 Hermes Jumping Single Tour
3:51 Leather Link
4:18 Braided Solo Loop
5:00 Sports Band
5:24 Solo Loop
5:45 Sport Loop
7:34 Nike Sports Band

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  1. Did you really just try to sell a grossly over priced watch strap by saying it was made of "high quality nylon". ???

  2. I didn't even know they launched a new Hermes band till your video. I just ordered this new woven Hermes band. Its so sick!!!

  3. Just Bought the Pistachio Braided Solo Loop Band……….Yes its totally overpriced, but I really like it. I have seen some out there similar and cheaper, but you get what you pay for???? We will see. :))

  4. The bands that come with them… I was wearing a small and it popped off one day when I was loading groceries into my bags at the store… everyone is saying I should probably wear the larger one and that won't happen… are they right?

  5. Fitbit makes a material band obviously not as expensive as Hermès but it is nice. Wish Apple would make material bands like Fitbit! Cheaper then Hermès! I will buy a Hermès but it would be nice to pick up one in more colors at a cheaper price since Fitbit makes them! Thanks for this video I was trying to figure out if I wanted tomales band or the dark blue. Going to get Tomales!

  6. Can you or have you do(ne) a review on Anhem’s Apple Watch band compared to Apple’s own?

  7. Now your videos simply look like advertisement for apple. Not a fan of such content. Happy Whatever!!

  8. thanks for the video! i've been looking for one to see that the bands looked like in person before purchasing. this helped a lot

  9. The intro music on this channel and the sound of Andrew’s voice give me genuine anxiety because I know I’m about to either feel broke or become broke shortly

  10. I did not understand…the leather white band is a dual color band ??? I've just buy it and did not received it anymore but it's really ugly !?

  11. I also like the look of the new “Mallard Green” Sport Band not currently featured in your video that was released alongside Capri Blue and Cantaloupe.

  12. Out of the sport loops I think I like Sea Salt best, I was hoping to see it on your review ? I also like the Pistachio Braided Solo Loop.

  13. Hey nice video and amazing bands. Espacialy love that blue sports and nike sports band. Ahh by the way is there anyone the say what is name of that watch face ?

  14. I'm sure there is one person who has bought every watch band Apple have ever released. They will then sell the collection for $$$

  15. Other than leather link every thing is shit. Even the hermes. Looks way too funky with that lame lines

  16. Don't know what Apple's aversion is to making a legit orange color band/case. I get they have to have their own "name" for each color, but every orange released has been a softened/pink-tint for their orange shades. "Electric" orange, kumquat, tangerine, citrus refresher, sunshine essence. Sigh.

  17. Oh my God PLEASE stop looking away from the camera to look at your notes. It makes you look "unprofessional", to say it kindly. You do it in EVERY video you make. It's frustrating af.

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