Who is Tim Cook, Steve Jobs’ best friend who brought Apple to success |#TechTitans

Tim Cook was chosen by his friend Steve Jobs to replace him as CEO of Apple. Could he be able to bring Apple to success? Tim Cook’s role is almost in doubt, but under his leadership, the technology company has made a number of breakthroughs, ranging from the production of five iPhones in a year, to the Apple Watch. Get to know the man Jobs scolded for offering his liver for a transplant, and what was the secret to his success at leading a tech giant in #DWTechTitans Like this video? Come subscribe: http://youtube.com/DWIndonesia

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  1. Apakah kamu salah satu pengguna produk buatan Tim Cook? Atau kamu lebih memilih produk teknologi lain?

  2. Kapan mati nya ni orang? Gara2 dia produk2 Apple gk ada yg innovation nya. Semua cuman pengen cuan doang. Dasar tua bangka goblog

  3. Disayangkan ya dia mengaku gay.. berani melanggar hukum Tuhan.. padahal semua manusia pasti mati untuk kembali pd Tuhannya.. sehebat apapun prestasinya didunia ini

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