Apple September 2021 EVENT! THIS Is IT!

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This is what Apple is preparing to announce in September at their premiere event of 2021. iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, AirPods 3…and even the M1X MacBook Pro?

0:00 Intro
0:41 iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Pro
6:09 Apple Watch Series 7
8:26 AirPods 3
9:58 M1X MacBook Pro

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  1. So the event would be on the 13th? This year I'm planning to replace my iPhone X, Watch Series 3 and possibly the Airpods Pro.

  2. I used to care about the newest Apple products but I’ve realized I’m honestly good with what I have and don’t need to have the next “best thing”

  3. Call me crazy but ear phones to check your body temperature and then display this on your iPhone or Apple Watch would be insane!

  4. I've tied my hands not to buy M1 macbook. Please release the M1X or M2 14 inch Macbook soon!

  5. Another Apple YAWN is on the cards , iPhone whatever they call it ,hard to justify an upgrade from last years model , AirPods STILL no colour variant in the pipeline (Black tech matters Apple) as for the Apple watch minor design changes and insignificant tweaks hardly enough to empty a wallet. Thats a BAD APPLE to quote another YT contemporary .

  6. I only tap like if I really liked what I watched, so I only get recommended similar stuff that I like to watch, And I only subscribe to a channel if I find several videos worth watching and knowledgeable, but that is probably not why You asked what I am waiting for, You probably only care about becoming more popular and being seen by as many people as possible, plus if You don’t have any mutual interest in my channel, then why should I support a complete stranger.

  7. I used periscope 10X zoom on S21Ultra and it was amazing. Used it all the time for those 3 months of ownership. Really changes the way you use cameras. Opens so many possibilities. Hope Apple brings it to iPhone with some Apple magic. But not like 5X zoom. It has to be 10X or more optical.

  8. apple users : yay finally a smaller notch!!!
    samsung users: yay the z fold 3 came out today and it has no notch!!

  9. I’m so allergic to the silicon tip on the AirPods Pro, I’m hoping these won’t cause me to suffer!

  10. Not a chance in hell it will be called the 13. Absolutely no way. It's like people haven't looked back at previous releases at all.

  11. I got the iPad Air so I got the free AirPods and gave them to my brother because I got the pros in may

  12. wifi6e doesn’t decompress the current wifi spectrum it extends it hence 6e for extended wifi 6

  13. If we won't get the 14" mbp, ill be so mad. Ive been waiting 3 years, since my mbp crashed😭😔😔😔

  14. Sewms like every Apple event just filled with dissapointments and excuses why they can't do what others do. Every year I hear "maybe this year……." aaaaand nothing! Where is the innovation? Same tired look year after year, no new features just a bunch of other accessories to complete the experience.😒🤷‍♂️

  15. The 120 refresh rate and the fingerprint also the wireless power shares is all ready on samsung

  16. Fan boy.. bless up??? Brah keep it white! Keep. It. White! Also we all now know you like it in raw!! Bati boy BUCK BUCK BUCK!!!!!

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