Surface Laptop 4 vs MacBook Air M1 – Kings Fight

Comparison video of the Surface Laptop 4 (13.5) vs MacBook Air M1. Both Microsoft and Apple providing laptops just under $1000, and we compare which one you should get for your daily use.

Last year I crowned the Surface Laptop 3 the better machine, however with the introduction of the M1 processor in the MacBook Air and the other minor improvements to the platform, it’s not as easy to say whether you want macOS or Windows.

MacBook Air “M1”:
Surface Laptop 4 (AMD):

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0:00 – Intro
0:49 – Specs
3:05 – Build Quality
5:22 – Ports
6:18 – Display
7:24 – Unlocking Methods
7:50 – Keyboard & Trackpad
8:42 – Battery Life
9:50 – Speaker Test
10:35 – Camera & Microphone Test
12:21 – Final Thoughts


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  1. I tried both in a shop. The Surface is 13.5" but felt much bigger, the Air felt cramped. However the Air is definitely much better overall.

  2. You can legally download windows (ARM version) on the Macbook Air. So if you want both, get the air.

  3. So with the lack of high end MacBook's at WWDC, do you think if I were to buy a Mac Air that I could sell it at near cost when the new M1X finally comes out? That's the laptop I really want and need, so I either wait (painfully with my current laptop) or invest in an intermediate. You make it sound like I should be able to get more than half my money back which doesn't sound that bad.

  4. Can you share where you got that red skin from? I cant seem to find it online :/ Thanks in advance! 🙂

  5. The Macbook has better speakers. Well as far as the webcam and microphone they are equal in my book.

  6. Interesting 🤔 I’m a Apple user but I will definitely go with the Microsoft, thank you for the info. LOL I was so confuse. 😅👍👏

  7. Very good video. My biggest frustration regarding Apple is the refusal to place a touchscreen on its laptops. That’s a deal breaker. I have an iPhone with (obviously) a touch screen. Yet if I buy a MacBook I can’t touch the exact same icons I touch on my phone everyday? I have to use a trackpad or mouse? It’s insane. Anyone who gets used to a touchscreen laptop will never want to go back to not having one. Apple I’m sure doesn’t want to harm sales of iPads- that’s the truth about their refusal to add a touchscreen. So instead, Apple is losing sales on MacBooks that it can’t detect. But they’re real. I can’t possibly be the only one.
    Thanks for the premium, honest video.

  8. Your use of "probably", "maybe", "I think", "most likely" in almost every sentence, makes you sound not confident at all. "The M1 performs better" – simple as that. If you aren't sure, do the test, you have both machines, or even cite another reliable tester on YouTube

  9. Microsoft does not use Thunderbolt because, they say, there are safety risks with it that outweight the benefit of connectivity and speed.

  10. I just don't understand why don't they just put a decent 5yr old mobile camera in their 2021 laptops??

  11. Hold up, why is it that people always complain about Surface Laptops having reflective screens when the MacBook Airs screens looks even more reflective than the Surface Laptops? Hmmm just saying.

    Not you bro, I'm referring to the other YouTubers.

  12. You mentioned the battery life using the chrome browser I don’t get why it’s always chrome if there is a video in comparing that kind of stuff I suggest try Apple TV app on or use safari on the m1

  13. they could have just removed all ports completely. so they dont even care people transfer stuffs from sd cards and people have thumb drive etc and all both are rubbish. I rather a laptop with practicality. these foolish completely rather remove a thing if its doesnt look pretty enough. So hence I said they could just remove all ports

  14. if you used safari on the MacBook air 'd last much longer. i get 18-20 on my MBAir. great video btw its the first time I came across your channel

  15. The SSD on my 2018 mbp died recently and the repair cost is 800+ dollar, because the SSD is solider on the motherboard and they had to replace the whole thing. I decided not to fix it and was looking for a new laptop instead. I'm really mad at apple on one hand, but I'm also tempted by the m1. I really appreciate microsoft for making their SSD replaceable. But if you are looking to buy the m1 mac you should really consider buying Apple care….

  16. tbh while the m1 mac is powerful, the amd is no slouch either. Unless ur video editing or doing graphic design for anything as intesive as coding, both will serve you fine. In that case, power becomes a little redundant and the laptops become equal in the eyes of the customer. Also, I dont know about the usa, but in australia and india the surface laptop is quite a bit cheaper than the macbook.

  17. PersonLuminous hate the rounded design and I love the futcheristic design of the surface, the Mack laptops are just too kiddish.

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