How to make your iPad a Desktop Computer – iPad + Bluetooth keyboard + Bluetooth Mouse + Monitor

This video shows how you can make your Jailbroken iPad a desktop computer or better yet how to use both a Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse with your Jailbroken iPad.

I did a crazy thing today, I made my iPad a desktop computer. I paired a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse to my jailbroken iPad. it worked pretty well, but not without issues.

Here is what i used:

iPad (Jailbroken)
Logitech Bluetooth diNovo Keyboard
Verbatim Bluetooth mouse
Apple iPad to VGA adapter ($29.99)
Desktop Monitor

btstack Mouse (free, downloaded from Cydia)
btstack Keyboard ($5, downloaded from Cydia)
DisplayOut ($0.99, downloaded from Cydia)

This answers the question: Can I use both a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse with the Apple iPad?

Note: Other videos say Bluetooth Keyboard in description but uses Apple keyboard dock which is not Bluetooth. .

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  1. I can only use typing with my keyboard for my iPad I need more people to ask apps for the keyboard to. Use it . I play… ROBLOX,Minecraft and my PlayHome. I play all of them with my 5 year old sister.

  2. I want to connect my ipad to the computer and than use my computer mouse while connected to computer move around the pictograms … do you have any Idea ?

  3. I tired yesterday with my ipad 1 and the display out app wouldnt install because of the software ios??? I just updated to ios 5 and do you think it will work now?

  4. These guy idiot..he made it difficult for the society to understand the process. All you need is a bluetooth to run the pc or either one. Fucking idiot…get a life dude…

  5. You can do the same thing with out the app as long as you have the connecter to connect to your monitor or TV and you can display the same thing as your iPad or iPod at the same time and you don't have to spend $0.99 on an app that does the same thing.

  6. I sourched the appstore for btstack mouse "I also tried to spell it in some other ways" but i culd'nt find it. Can you download other games if you have jailbraket you're iPhone

  7. you can already use any bluetooth keyboard with the iPad without jailbreaking. You just wasted five bucks.


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