Why Apple Removed The Home Button

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When the iPhone X was released back in 2017, Apple officially dropped the home button in favor of something called gesture-based navigation. Now since then, they’ve still included home buttons on lower-cost iPhones like the 8, 8 Plus, and SE. But it’s clear that the home button’s days are numbered. And this major change has made many people feel confused and even a little uncomfortable. I mean, the home button has been around since the original iPhone over a decade ago, and users have become so familiar with its functionality that interacting with the home button has become second nature for most people. So there must be really good reasons for Apple to remove something that their customers have become so familiar with, and thats exactly what I’m going to explain in this video.

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  1. Don’t app developers have to design for both Face ID and Touch ID anyway? Because there are still plenty devices out there with Touch ID. 6:25

  2. Face ID takes way too many actions to activate. Tap screen, look at the phone, and swipe up. Way to dangerous to unlock during driving, like to turn the screen back on when using navigation. Also, does NOT work when wearing face masks or in landscape mode (like when resuming video or game). Just terrible… and terribly disappointing that the latest iPhone 13 still did not bring back Touch ID.

  3. Dude all your points against using both biometrical systems suck… If people would wanna use facetracking features, theyd simply turn it on. Why should customers be forced to setup both, if the only purpose of both scanners is to be sure that the user is the actual owner. It makes no difference what system the user coses or if he even chose both. Also it isnt hard to make a simple check which of the systems are set up by the user nad which to chose. Also enabeling both when set up is not a problem at all.

  4. I’m glad the new iPad still has the home button, the iPad without the home button while it may look better, it’s just weird to me.

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  6. Apple should consider making an iPhone with an home button and without the home button, which is of course the “slide”

  7. TouchiD, 1 press of Home button… WORKS

    FaceID, 1 screen tap (or Side button press), center face, 1 upward swipe… SUCKS

  8. Because you copied Samsung's Infinity Display on Galaxy S8. And in the same year Apple did the same.
    Samsung did it first and Apple copied them.

  9. 5:10, its not deliberate imo. My iPhone’s touch id just unlocks instantly if i press the homebutton to turn it on.

  10. When this idiot said fingerprint sensor was less secure and less reliable than face id, I stopped watching the video.

  11. I wish they would get rid of the home bar or whatever they call that line at the bottom of the screen it seems useless to me just gets in the way sometimes

  12. Likely SE 2 will be the last iPhone with a home button…. And for the ipad, i think the ipad 10 or 11 will be the last ones

  13. I know how come this is why they we moved the home button because sometime like some iPhone just had some broken home button more like the home button just missing and got the screen cracked and you cannot plus a home button if your home button missing on an iPhone that’s how come Apple removed it

  14. As a Samsung user, I was hesitant with switching from the navigation buttons at the bottom to the swipe gesture because I was so used to them. But when I finally switched, I never looked back. 🙂

  15. And this is why I bought the 8th gen iPad instead of the Pro. I wanted the physical home button. The feeling of pressing it anywhere and being returned to the home screen is satisfying to me.

  16. thank you very much for your videos, they are really interesting and help me to improve my english)

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