What iPadOS 15 REALLY means for iPad Pro M1 (WWDC 2021)

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  1. The comments section was more informative than your video. I wish you covered the same in your video as well. Request you to cover important things in the videos for all viewers than focusing on only making fun . Thank you !

  2. When you are making a point about iPad Pro M1 stick to that so much ranting about one among apple products we have a pretty good idea and are aware of the entire Apple line up. One major drawback for creator's while using pro app's like procreate where the usage of pencil is prominent which is possible only on the iPad if you are aware of it and they can't use more than 7 layers on 5 gig's cap limit what do you have to say about that? Don't even bother to answer this will be my last visit to your channel.

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