World’s First DIY macOS Monterey Graphics Tablet

Is this the world’s first DIY graphics tablet that can run macOS Monterey?
It is running macOS Monterey beta 12.0

LattePanda Alpha:

Additional information about it:

More test footage:

Dortania link:

Social links:

Google Pixel 3A

Video editor:
DaVinci Resolve 16 –

Funk Game Loop by Kevin MacLeod

Chill Wave by Kevin MacLeod

District Four by Kevin MacLeod

Aerosol Of My Love by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Do you have a github or something with the Monterey EFI? Or did you just installed monterey over your big sur and it worked out of the box?

  2. Great project! I'm too have LPA and use it for hackintosh) But i got troubles with updates past Mohave ( Can you share your EFI folder?

  3. Ayos grabi ang pagpatay ng oras sa pag gawa ng ganyan pero worth it, sa pag debug pa lang sa macOS patay oras na..

  4. hold my beer

    i have a working fujitsu t726 that i got working in big sur a while ago. it has two digitizers and fully working touchscreen gestures.

  5. Hey great project
    But still got a question
    How did you managed to get fingerprint scanner to unlock the hack? 🤔

  6. boi the brackets that hold the touchpad are ugly af, but the rest is quit dope =) btw neat little channel, would like to see you grow!


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