Logitech Combo Touch iPad Pro 12.9 Case – Up Close & Concerns!

In this video I show you the Logitech Combo Touch iPad Pro 12.9 5th Generation case up close. But there are a couple of concerns, watch the video to find out more.

For more details on this case and to purchase please visit: https://amzn.to/3hKdkIe .

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  1. In every Ipad case review weight is mentioned like if it was something really heavy, can an iPad Pro with a keyboard case be that heavy that is an issue for someone?

  2. This review addresses everything I need to know in details. Love simple reviews like this. No need for fancy B rolls. Just meaningful showcase will do. Thanks for this wonderful review.

  3. Hi, after using the kickstand at the maximum angle, did you find the back of the case in the middle where the kickstand folds, does it crease?

  4. The brightness key on the shortcut row isn’t working, neither one. All other shortcut keys work, jut not brightness ones. Can anyone help with tips?

  5. I’m having a really hard time writing on this ts it is in my lap. I lean my wrists on the trackpad because of its location and it leads to random clicks and errors in my typing. You can see how it messed up this comment already. There are phantom click or “pressure” clicks when you lean you writs on the base.

    Frustrating. I’m super annoyed. Surface Pro does it better.

  6. Great video. Didn't plan on getting a keyboard for my ipad, but I think I will now. You're quite an 'influencer'.

  7. Hello! Could you please tell me if you have tried to use the keyboard separately from the ipad/cover and if it still worked? If not, could you please tell me? Because that would be very interesting for the ergonomics. Thank you!

  8. Nice video and good details too. Especially the difficulty of opening the cover which was not mentioned by the other reviewers. It is expected since the cover sits flush with the edge of the protective case. Not sure if they provide a small lip will help but their would affect the aesthetic of the entire product.

  9. If only it wasn't for the flap stand I'd buy it. Like my worry is the flap will lose its hold to stand over time and become useless. If it had a design like the Brydge it would be super worth it. But then again the brydge is BT and not hardware connection. They both have their cons. Also how well does the stand hold? Personally I plan on doing digital art with it and yes I could put it flat but sometimes a different height or angle is helpful.

  10. The best video that I have seen so far on this product hands down. Love the close up camera views and the details explained. Just an outstanding job here. Thx

  11. How is the writing and drawing experience when at the lowest angle? Does it feel stable and still or is it constantly bouncing back with feedback?

  12. I just purchased this and still getting used to it, works great for work going from laptop to iPad is a smooth transition, Thanks for the video.

  13. I'm really torn between getting this case or apple's magic keyboard.
    Would love to see an audio test to see if that mic that is covered makes any noticeable difference.

  14. Much better than the magic keyboard tbh:
    – Function Keys
    – More durable material
    – Slightly bigger trackpad
    – More versatile with the kickstand and detachable while still having the kickstand

    I'd probably buy it even if it was the same price or more expensive than the magic keyboard

  15. I’ve got the combo touch and overall it’s great, the two things that give me pause however are the kickstand and back fabric; the kickstand doesn’t feel like a hinged piece of metal but instead one that is being bent back and forth, my concern is that it will eventually loosen and snap, it also doesn’t have a clear stop point when opening it out so can be opened too far putting excess strain on the hinge/metal. The back fabric on mine has already started to crease and come away from the metal at the ‘hinge’ point and you can hear the adhesive separate as you open and close the kickstand.

    Have you experienced either of these with yours? Wondering if I have a defective unit.

  16. I can tell you that the 2020 ipad pro 12.9 fits PERFECTLY in the M1 12.9 Logitech combo touch cover (except a little bit different speaker position, which isn't that much a sound issue, maybe I make some holes myself ;-)…). I wonder how the 2021 ipad fits in the cover as it is 5mm thicker and the 2020 ist already quite perfectly fitting…

    I ordered the combo touch via apple store at 25.5….appel shop telling me that it will be delivered mid June….3hours later the tracking number was sent and 2 days later the parcel was delivered….digital wonders of a wharehouse-system 😉
    (sorry to comment the same at different videos, but I had to watch about 10 different videos and comment-lists to be "quit" sure…)

  17. Any issue with the amount of pressure required to activate a click on the trackpad? I have to press mine in really hard for it to register, so I’m returning it.


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