iPad Pro vs M1 MacBook Air vs iPhone 12

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iPhone 12 mini vs EVERYTHING

Now that the Apple M1 is here and exceeding expectations in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini, how does it compare to the original Apple Silicon chips inside the iPhone and iPad Pro? Is the new M1 just an iPhone 12 (A14) chip inside a Mac, or is it a completely different beast?

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iPhone 12 mini: should you wait? https://youtu.be/aht8AefAxBk

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  1. I’m considering getting an iPad Pro or MacBook Pro M1…The iPads touch screen would be very helpful for some design work and for fun but I don’t want to loose out on the power of the MacBook. I will also be doing a lot of work on WordPress working with Divi which does appear to be comparable with iPads. Any thoughts?

  2. *SMALL CORRECTION* I think your words in this video need a small correction: it’s not that the Apple Silicon M1 processor is proving you wrong when you say you need the best in order to get the best results. The Apple silicon M1 processor is just surprisingly proving to BE the best right out the gate! 👌😆 so incredible.

  3. My regular iPhone 12 is having heating issues while I’m Watching YouTube and when I’m on WhatsApp video call please me out with this issue

  4. When is apple going to consider making there own screens so they have complete control over the production and prices of their devices🤞

  5. If you run Activity Monitor and look under the architecture column,, it will tell if you if an app is running natively (Apple) or using Rosetta (Intel).

  6. I can’t stand how the new IPhone mini’s touch screen doesn’t work with gloves…My only complaint, but it’s a big one as I work outside! Can’t believe this hasn’t been brought up!

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