iPadOS 14.2 Beta 1: New Audio Improvements!

Thanks so much for clicking on this video!! There are really only 4 main things that iPadOS 14 brought just to the iPad and I wanted to show those off!

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  1. Ipados 14.2 beta is not that smooth for me. I have multiple stutters in the app switcher on my 2020 ipad pro

  2. After updating to 14.2 on my iPad pro 2020 12.9, there is problem while charging the iPad. Now when I connect the charger, It doesn't not immediately starts charging but takes 2/3 minutes and then starts charging.

  3. Can someone tell me how to record system audio along with the screen record in ipad? There is only option for microphone.

  4. Nice content, keep it up! Oh and as some have already said, you could use a microphone so that we could hear you better.

  5. Good video, but why don't you invest in a clip on microphone for the beginning of your videos.
    Your audio quality bounces from meh quality to good quality which is inconsistent.
    It is hard to hear you plus the background music is louder than you in the beginning.

  6. You can add custom widgets by going all the way down and tap on edit and then customize over there you could add other third party apps widgets

  7. Nice man. Glad to know it’s not just me that’s getting widget size issues. Even my app icons are all different sizes! iPadOS 14 on 2015 iPad Pro

  8. Finally buy yourself a microphone! On Totals, your voice is hard to understand. It's OK, when you cannot be seen

  9. What does spatial audio have to do with automatically switching the AirPods to another device?! That's an entirely different feature.

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