NEW Install Tweaked Apps iOS 14 – 14.2 / 13 / 12 NO Jailbreak NO Revoke iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Install Tweaked Apps iOS 14 – 14.2 / 13 / 12 NO NO Jailbreak NO Revoke iPhone iPad iPod Touch – Subscribe, Like & Share. Thanks :”)

Watch the video Everything Is Covered.

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NEW Video iOS 14 Home Screen Customization With Widgets & Icons

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  1. Thanks for watching :") NEW Videos
    Get Custom Widgets & iCons
    ZiniTV NO Computer NO Revoke
    Install Revoked Tweaked Apps FIX
    StrymTV NO Computer NO Revoke
    GBA & Games NO Computer NO Revoke
    Set Any Song As Ringtone NO Computer
    Theme Change iCons NO Shortcuts Redirect

  2. Dino when I click on the download it shows a bunch of number I try to side download still doesn’t work plz help

  3. So i did all the steps and it said on my laptop that it is installed and if i go into my settings the app is their but when i go to my home screen it’s not their and i have the normal ios 14 installed i hope you can find me a solution and thanks

  4. Bro today is my 6th day and I sadly won't be able to refresh my apps as my laptop isn't working :'( … So does tht mean my apps will stop working tomorrow ? And I won't be able to use the apps again with my old data?

  5. in Alt beta it doesn't let me when i click to open it
    it says AltServer.exe – Entry Point Not Found
    the procedure entry point IsWow64Process2 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

  6. Bro plzzz reply,,, I got a software update looong ago but I didn't install it in the fear tht my altstore apps will stop working… So need ur confirmation.. is it ok to software update my ipad ?

  7. I just got an update for altstore…. is it safe to update,? Like I don't want my apps to stop working…. Help will be appreciated!

  8. thank you Dino!

    I had one question about whether or not we should update AltStore?

    I have like in video AltStore (1.4b4) & it works great!

    Just wanted to know if I should update?

    If i Do update will I lose any apps / sideloaded apps that I currently have on AltStore?

    & will this effect any of my App ID’s on AltStore?

    And if do update do I need to install using computer?

    I’m using background app refresh in AltStore settings & I have been able to update without using computer.

    I’m also using Install AltDaemon to install & refresh apps without a computer. And I’m using Filza.

    Any help greatly appreciated and thank you

  9. Hello Dino please I’m having issues getting this to work on my iPhone XS running iOS 13.6 ;It shows installing at the right corner and after a few minutes an error occurs. Please help — I need this.

  10. @dino plzz clear this doubt I have… So I have installed minecraft via altstore and it showed expires in 2 days. So I refreshed it with the ipad connected to laptop and all and it refreshed successfully. But,,,, when I click on 'View Apple ids' it still shows me only 2 days until it expires…so I went on the FAQ section of altstore and they say the app signed on the certificate will stop working after 7 days and u need to pay for a developer (1 yr till it expires)… so I'm worried a little.I really don't wanna lose my progress on the app. Can u plz help me out?

  11. Thank you very much! I’ve tried so many but only your method worked, thank you. But I wanna ask you, what will happen after the seven days have passed ? And can I use the spotify acc on my pc/tv too or only on my phone

  12. Worked on my iPhone X, thank you bro. You just gained a follower. I’m running iOS 14 public beta 4.

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