M1 MacBook Air vs Intel MacBook Air (i3) – UNREAL GAINS for the Same Price!!!

Apple’s new M1 based MacBook Air is a MONSTER. And the craziest part is… just a few months ago for the same price you get performance that seems years behind the current model. In this video, I demonstrate how the baseline MacBook Air with M1 completely blows the few month old baseline MacBook Air with i3 out of the water! .

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  1. I am a student that wants to buy the MacBook Air for school. I’m not looking to do any photo or video editing. I could save $100 by buying the i3 MacBook instead of the M1. Do you think it would be worth it?

  2. tbh I bought the early model rip, but tbh we don't know about the battery maybe the m1 might drain the battery overtime or get slower overtime who knows its still new to the market and usually first chips aren't perfect..

  3. lol i bought the i3 model few months ago)) ill never buy a new apple model, this is not fair to sell a 4 times faster laptop few months later then i bought one, for the same price. This is lame

  4. I bought the i5 about a month ago and instantly returned it as soon as I heard the new m1 chips. I was skeptical about it having no fan but I've used my brothers (he got it on release) for lightroom and davinci resolve to get some work done and it was amazing , mine is coming in a week and I cant wait

  5. F I could wait for the M1 macbook for the same £999 I bought few months ago the Macbook air core i3 series🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  6. Does the Zoom virtual background feature work on the M1 MBA? I know it doesn't on the i3 variant of the 2020 Intel MBA

  7. So I’m an engineering student and I do heavy school work including softwares. Would you still recommend the M1 air or the M1 pro? I also like to do video editing on the side as a hobby

  8. I bought intel i5 two weeks ago, and I returned it after they released the new M1 chip. I’m gonna buy the new one on Black Friday.

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