iPadOS 16: It’s Finally Here!

iPadOS 16, Apple’s operating system that runs on the iPad, is getting almost all of the great features coming to iOS 16, but there are also iPad-specific additions that make the ‌iPad‌ more Mac-like than ever. In our latest YouTube video, we show off the five best features coming to the ‌iPad‌ this fall.

read more – https://www.macrumors.com/2022/06/09/ipados-16-hands-on/

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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Stage Manager
1:09 – External Display Support
2:01 – Reference Mode
2:25 – Weather App
3:05 – Freeform
4:17 – OWC Sponsor

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  1. what a waste of M1 chip, Apple clearly failed to figure out how iPad OS works like MacOS while being so lighter and faster.

  2. I really wish they would give an option for 120 hertz and mini led in the Mac Air without having to go pro

  3. I have a 2020 Ipad pro 12.9 version its a shame that it does not have stage manager, if they don’t allow this function and after this, I will sell my Ipad and buy an Surface pro instead. This is disappointing I paid 2500 for my ipad, keyboard and pen and they can’t do it.

  4. oh great, I'll be able to multitask with useless mobile apps, instead of real pro useful apps…

  5. Hello. I have an iPad Pro 11” from 2018 and I see it as somewhat slow and above all very lacking in RAM memory for some time. The truth is that I can't stand to have my apps restart and lose data or whatever I was doing or reading, so I'm considering making a change. What model do you recommend today? I'm a graphic and web designer, and I do everything that involves designing and creating content with the Mac. I use the iPad more as a complement to the Mac, to consume content and for productivity. I had thought about the iPad Pro 12.9” M1 of 2021, but I don't know if it will be too big for the use I am going to give it, and above all, seeing the rumors of the future M2 with double the RAM and more power and battery (I hope the latter), I don't know if it's worth investing so much money, or just buying an Air or Pro 11” M1 for now and see what happens in the future. With the Air I lose the 120Hz and 2 speakers, although I am not too worried about the latter, and with the 11” Pro it gives me the impression of having the same iPad. Of course, with any of them I will notice quite a difference in power and memory management, since they have twice as much as mine, and especially when iPadOS 16 is released, with which you can use up to 16Gb of RAM for the most demanding apps. Thank you!

  6. Fanboys…more like suckerboys! No real innovation for years and people still buy this crap. iphone specs are behind Samsung and every other phone company. Stage manager and weather app does not make this a laptop replacement, seriously! And these new features only work on the newer M1 models, so if you bought a 2020, you're out of luck! The new M2 MB air can only support one external display, why?? I can't update my memory and SSD drive, why??? Apple lost me years ago, and hasn't built anything for me to consider coming back. RIP Jobs, innovation left with your passing.

  7. Nope I don't need that feature. That's gonna make me so unproductive, I rather swipe between apps which is faster for me.

  8. Couldn’t they have at least given non M1 iPads the ability to run one different app on an external display? Their A series chips can’t be that weak

  9. Sad thing about Stage Manager and the resolution scale options is they're only available on the M1 iPads I believe.

  10. If you have any iPad other than an M1, Apple has pretty much given users a big middle finger. 🖕🏼

  11. Hello. I have an iPad Pro 11" model from 2018, and I've been noticing it with a lot of lack of RAM memory for a long time. I'm thinking of buying the 12.9" model with the M1 chip, which has a much more powerful processor, double the RAM and with iPadOS 16 will manage it much better, being able to reach up to 16Gb with memory swapping. I plan to deliver my current iPad so that the purchase of the new one stays at a good price. But the question is: Would you wait for the new model with M2 or would you buy the current one? Is that with the problem of global chip supplies, delays in shipments, and that I think it will not be a very big change at the hardware level, it makes me want to buy the current model and start enjoying it now. Thank you!

  12. 1-sadly what i read from the apple website is the 0:12 is the stage manager is for the m1 exclusive which is minority as most of the ipads are A series chips and not the m1 so far the latest ipad pro and ipad air are the only one which has m1 chip so its less a upgrade more like limitation
    2-yes the external display support can be m1 exclusive but it lacks calculator app which is necessary since iphone and mac have the calculator and not the ipad and you need to get and buy the app from third party which is not as close as there own

  13. Can an app go full screen in the external monitor? If not, isn’t StageManeger nothing more than an enhancement to the current multitasking? With still no pro apps, the iPad is now just more Pro “Like”.

  14. It would be nice to see a new features video for everyone who DOES NOT have a M1 chip. Since Apple wants to software lock 🔒 new features

  15. What is that device on your desk, on the left-hand side, just under the Apple Studio Monitor? In the same position that the Apple Studio is in on the right-hand side. What is that thing?

  16. Does iPadOs 16 has a way of showing available storage space for external hard drives or thumb drives in Files?

  17. So now if you are using the mac and you move your macbook’s cursor over to your iPad while the iPad is connected to an external display, will you be able to move the MacBook’s cursor over to the display which is connected to the iPad? Someone pls help me!

  18. I'm really glad Apple finally gave us some of the features that we've been clamoring for to make the iPad a true laptop replacement. I'm an illustrator and have been an iPad Pro only user (aside from my home desktop) since the first one came out in 2017. There's been (many) occasions where a Macbook would have been better but for me the Apple Pencil and form factor were too hard to say no to. Regardless I was able to make that work for awhile in spite of the missing functionality but recently took a gamble on the M1 with a Smart Keyboard a few months ago and it's been a game changer. Mostly got it with the expectation that Apple would look at last years lackluster WWDC and finally take advantage of the M1 and was not disappointed.

    Stage Manager, External Monitor support and an updated File Systems are gonna be game changers. There's still a lot to go but the inclusion of "Desktop Class" apps that was mentioned have me excited for what's further coming down the road.

    It's unfortunate it's limited to M1 users but it makes me glad I took the dive. Fortunately the Air is really affordable and offers most of the benefits and functionality of the Pro so it could be a nice entry point to these features for those who want them without splurging the obscene amounts of money a fully kitted Pro would cost.

  19. Does the stage manager support multiple audio streams? That’s one reason I’m not replacing my laptop with an iPad. It’s annoying as hell that you can’t listen to Spotify on background without it pausing every time I browse reddit.

  20. That stage manager is such a half baked feature. You cannot have three apps in the same stage without them overlapping. Then, what’s the purpose of it? You could do the same using split screen with 3 apps open at the same time using with an extra app in slide over. Apple doesn’t want to make the iPad a Mac replacement and I don’t blame them.

  21. Would like to see if the iPad now using an external monitor could be used as a proper desktop setup would also be interested to see what resolutions things like Netflix and Disney+ display on the external monitor?

  22. as someone with an ipad that has a10x, yea im absolutely jailbreaking my ipad there is no way

  23. Will external monitor support be m1 exclusive like stage manager? Or is that able to go to the mini 6?

  24. Helo i want to buy ipadpro 11inch. Or do i have to wait for the new version of ipad pro in future? Plis suggest

  25. makes me a little sad that early adopters of the redesigned iPads will be missing out on the "iPad is a laptop" feature. I'm sure they could at the very least give non M1 chips proper external display support if they wanted to.

  26. Me: “Can we get external display support without you sticking to the 3:2 ratio on wider screens?”
    iOS 16:“Sure here you go, we’ll fill those black areas with docks you’ll barely use rather than the programs”

    😝 Hopefully it’s just because I’ve not had hands on, it seems closer to what I’m looking for but not there yet :/

  27. iPad os 16 is DISAPPOINTMENT. First iPad os 15 reduced performance and battery performance and I hope iPad os 16 doesn't destroy it further. Model is AIR 4


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