Mac Studio and Nikon Z9, a Marriage Made in Tech Heaven?

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The Nikon Z9 shoots 45 megapixel images and records up to 8K video. Is the newly-minted Mac Studio computer with its M1 Max or M1 Ultra chips just the job for Nikon’s flagship camera?
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Gear used to make this video:
Nikon Z6 camera (B&H)
Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8S lens (B&H)
TASCAM DR-60DmkII DSLR Audio Recorder (B&H)
Røde NTG2 Condenser Shotgun Microphone (B&H)
Aputure Amaran MC (B&H)
Aputure Amaran 100d (B&H)
Godox SL60 (w/folding beauty dish) (B&H)

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Intro: 00:00
Apple announcements: 0:21
Studio! 0:45
Z9 considerations: 1:26
My existing computers:1:56
New chip on the block: 3:02
Not a geek: 3:39
New directions: 4:35
Monitors: 4:50
Video editing: 5:25
Outro: 7:15

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  1. Hi Ray, I've already commented on this video, but I thought appropriate to let you know that as of the 10th of May 2022, I've got delivery of my very own Nikon Z9!!! It is finally here and, I've also purchased the Mac Studio and I also have it with me! What a combination! And what a jump in performance compared to my 2009 Mac Pro. They are a big investment, but what a thrill to use such advanced pieces of equipment. Thanks for all the videos you're making on the subject! Cheers, Ray.

  2. Ray, right on the money once again! I’ve been looking to upgrade my 27” iMac in anticipation of the arrival of my Z9 (now officially 16th on the list of 160 purchasers at Grays of Westminster), but was initially disappointed that there appeared to be no development announcements for an M1 Apple Silicon chip 27” iMac. Then lo and behold the Mac Studio announcement came out of the blue, along with the new display, that turns out to be exactly what I need! Of course the downside is only a minor blip; loads more money, although thankfully not in the MacPro league. This race never seems to stop does it? Keep making your great, insightful videos – I love them👏👏

  3. I just ordered a fully spec’d MacBook Pro 16 (64gb ram) but only 2TB HD (I plan to use external drives)

    I’m hopeful that it will render 8k 60 (when it comes) in a reasonable time (sub 15 minutes)

    When I can afford a home system I’ll likely go for the Mac Pro when the new one comes out (as long as it’s not soon) switching to mirrorless Z9 and lenses (15th on the list for the 400 2.8) has been a huge hit to my savings so this laptop needs to get me through the next year – fingers crossed.

  4. Ive been lucky enough to have my Z9 for over a month now. Its a beautiful camera of course, but I was not prepared for the utter lack of support for their new CODEC. I was forced to sign back up for Adobes god-forsaken subscription in order to use LR, which does support it. I have full licenses for Capture One and DXO PL5, as well as Luminar AI and Neo… and none of them support it yet. Very, Very frustrating to say the least.

  5. The Studio is most exciting innovation for video production in many years! I'm happy with my fully-loaded MacBook Pro for 4k ProRes HQ editing in 10-bit, I don't even have to use proxies. But for the ProRes RAW 12-bit, and 8k 60, firmware updates, I believe the Studio will be essential. For monitors, Apple aren't the best, and they are over-priced. I would recommend EIZO, they are incredible. Great video Ray, hope you get your Z9 soon!

  6. I want to get this computer, too, because I'm tired of my 5 year old iMac with i5. But I'm not sure what monitor I'd pair it with, because I think the new Apple one is too expensive.

  7. PC user for about 40 years, beginning with Z80. Never owned a Mac. Ordered a mid-range Studio Max within minutes of the presentation. These things are an absolute bargain for what you get.

  8. You are in a different galaxy from me, tech-wise, but I always enjoy watching!

  9. Hi Raymond, Ray here. Like you, I'm still waiting on my Z9 and now, I've got a 2 months wait on the Mac Studio. I've been using a 2009 Mac Pro top spec that take 3 hours just to render the video's logo on a 10 minute video!!! At 1080 30fps. That's SLOOOOOW!!! I think I'm in for something special! Can't wait!! Cheers, Ray from UK

  10. Ok your copying me first the z9 now the Apple studio. Still waiting on my Z 9 like you and went to Apple store today to get glimpse of the studio desktop, but unfortunately none out yet. I agree this will be a perfect compliment to the Z9. I know my Apple trashcan model won’t be able to keep up to that kinda data crunching need. Hopefully, they arrive before going to Vancouver in the Spring. This is budget busting hardware – but both looks so impressive. Keep up the good work.

  11. Looks like an amazing power house for video shooters, however quite an overkill for stills (my case), therefore thinking about upgrading to M1 MacBook Air. Btw. great video! 👍🏼

  12. Am feeling a bit like we’re kindred spirits. I only made my Mac conversion just over six years ago in no small part because of the screen quality of the 27” iMac and my then mounting frustration with Windows and PC-based hardware which seemed to fail or give me problems with far too much frequency. I like to think I “know-just-enough-to-be-dangerous” because I am inclined to “pop the hood”, try to fix things on my own and sometimes get in a little too deep. My late 2015 iMac (I’ve twice upgraded RAM and now at 48GB) has worked flawlessly the entire time I’ve had it, is still remarkably decent but feels perceptually slower now, probably because of the increased demands current software places on older systems. Yesterday’s launch of the Studio really grabbed me too and I also think I’m very much the target, though less so on the video side (I plan however to make significant advances there in the coming year). Funny, I have the same BenQ SW271 and because I wasn’t overwhelmed with the Studio Display’s launch (it just feels and appears far too close to the current 27” iMac screen and too expensive for what it is), I immediately thought of pressing the SW271 into primary monitor service, spec the most appropriate Studio for my needs and save budgetary $$ for another Benq photo grade monitor.
    I am still a happy D850/D6 shooter but fully expect a Zed 9 will be in my future too. As you said, within two weeks we’ll be seeing tons of benchmark measurements tests and that will likely give us clearer impressions of what and how to spec our personal Studios. From what I’ve seen in the last two days, I’d be surprised if this new Mac Studio isn’t on my desk too within the year. If I’m not mistaken, your older iMac could be used as an external monitor (I know mine can’t) so would you be inclined to do that? Curious about your thoughts on how you’ll handle two monitors when you eventually have your Studio. Great video. Nicely done.

  13. Well I own and use 2 Z9’s and purchased a fully loaded Mac Studio Ultra yesterday. So I agree with you.
    I have been using a fully loaded 2019 16” MBP with the 5600M guy and until recently this was enough — but not since moving to the Z9 and shooting vast volumes of shots and vids. I use 2 xdr pro displays and a Wacom Cintiq pro editing screen connected via display port

    I will pair it with the CalDigit TS4 HUB so I can connect to all my gear and editing tools. The combination of NAS Drive via 10g Ethernet and T4 / T3 large working drives provide good storage — but I bought 8tb in Mac studio. So active work should be quick.

  14. I bought the M1 Mini several months ago. I don't do video; only photography and my main camera is a D850. The M1 handles the PS and LR like a charm and faster than my Intel i7 based Dell laptop. LR should be rewritten because it is not very efficient and I believe it does not use the computer resources efficiently. Nevertheless, I believe that the M1 Mac mini is sufficient for my photography needs. It is fitted with 16GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD drive. The Mac Studio looks great and I probably would have bought it (with the M1 Max) over the Mac Mini if it would be available when I bought the Mini. But only due to the internal SD slot and a bit more IO, not so much for the additional computing power.

  15. I never saw this coming, Wow. I have had Mac Computers for the last 15-20 years, my IMAC that I feel I just bought yesterday is actually a 2017 Model 3.8Ghz Quad Core Intel i5 with 40 GB of Ram. This is really out of date I presume for the most part but for stills and having recently adding a small Raid System I can get by pretty good. I bought an Apple MacBook Air with the M1 chip for a travel computer. Have not yet used the video on my Z9 which I intend to do but don't currently have any editing software on my system (Other than I-Movie), I use Lightroom primarily and Photoshop occasionally for stills. Would love to upgrade my computer but at the same time I am investing in "Z" glass for my Z9 and I can't afford to do both, do you think my IMAC is adequate for processing 4K video once I get some software, not sure if I want Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro. What do you suggest other than winning the lottery.

  16. HI Raymond. (Still waiting on my Z9 too.) I use a maxed out-iMac, and will probably need a computer update this year. While I don't make my living with photography, (aviation-related 3D/CAD is my business) I do plan on shooting more video (with the Z9) this year, and will probably shoot more stills too, with the Z9's blazing speed. I've already got a new RAID system to cover the file sizes, but everything you mentioned about the M1 makes sense to me too. I need more than 64GB of RAM, so some form of the M1 "Ultra" is probably in my future, as soon as the developers of my 3D software certify it for use on the M! system. (almost there) I wish us both good luck! 🙂


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