How to use Quick Notes on iPadOS 15!

In this lesson from our full “What’s New in iOS 15” Tutorial see how to quick create quick notes with a simple swipe from a corner of your iPad display using a finger or an Apple Pencil. The Quick Notes window floats over open apps making adding text or links super easy. Quick Notes are saved in their own folder within the Notes App.
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  1. my teacher has this and he typed random stuff in there and he accidentally showed it

    also, i am a expert at scratch, and i showed my work to him, and he thought i changed the costume and i showed another and he didn’t ask questions about the code he just said that i used the existing codes, teachers are learning aswell

  2. I have a brand new iPad M1 chip purchased from apple summer 2021. I can start to swipe and see the window open but it disappears. I have quick note on my control centre and nothing opens when I press it. I have restarted and my u

  3. I’m unable to get the quick note activate by swiping with my finger. Also, the icon in control center looks different. I think 99% of these tutorials online and articles too, were all created during beta so they could have these material ready fast, but alas the final version is changed quite a bit. So everyone’s confidently saying just do this or that, but their article or video is outdated already.

  4. This quick note disables the screen shot feature with Apple pencil when you swipe up from right corner a the notes menu comes up not a screen shot this is terrible.