NEW iPhone SE (2022) – Best Budget Phone?

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  1. Love my 'Midnight' colored SE 3 (2022)! Excellent phone giving fantastic value!
    Have seen it for as little as $329 on the US-based 'Visible" MVNO and for $379 on the US-based 'StraightTalk' MVNO.

  2. I'm hoping to be able to get this iPhone SE 2022 in the future. My budget is very tight, and I'm trying to save my extra allowance in order to buy this phone, because iPhones are very expensive in the Philippines. This would be my first iPhone if I ever buy one someday. Fingers crossed for those in my situation.

  3. and as a first gen SE lover and user, I am also considering switching to an Android for the first time ever, except definitely not a google pixel. Maybe like a one plus.

  4. cheap ole me still rockin my โ€˜16 SE complete with cracked screen and broken camera and a frikkin home button AND ear phone jack. But I am finally considering upgrading even though I really love the first gen SE and am also considering just having it all repaired so that I can use it until total obsolescence.

  5. Did you even used any android budget phones so you can make this statement? Battery that holds all day,120hz,amoled displays for a smaller price than this

  6. My point of view is same because I still love this design . It's handy , easy to use by one hand. Now a days phones are bigger in size even in apple. I really appreciate this design. I'm planning to change my se 2020 to new one probably or maybe iphone 12 mini. 12 mini is also very handy and powerful also the best part both are 5g. Little bit confusing