Best AirPods 2 Clone! HiCity v3! Latest AirPods Super Clone with ReName & GPS under $40!! GIVEAWAY!

Best AirPods 2 Clone! HiCity v3! Latest AirPods Super clone with ReName & GPS, and Serial Number for under $40! These are by far one of the best AirPods 2 clone I have ever seen on this channel! Perfect serial number on the product, the packaging and on the about page!! Sound Quality and Built Quality are absolutely great and beyond my expectation. Only thing it could be better is louder speakers (just a bit) and a better metal hinge that the color won’t come off you scratch it. Overally, they are the really great and highly recommended for only $40!!

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Danny V3M:

HiCity WhatsApp Contact: 86 137 1229 5625

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Q: What Camera that I use?
A: Canon SL2 with Kit lens 18-55 mm;
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A: Gorilla 3k Knockoff Tripod;

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  1. Can u drop a recent link for sum of these? Maybe on amazon please? If not wat ever other link u have can u please drop it to me. (Also just checking to see if there rlly real. Is there any pair that has the airpod 2 icon when u connect them and have the options where you can assign your left or right AirPod to siri or touch control? And also change name?) if so thats perfect