New MacBooks, Mac Mini and M1 chip explained

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The new Intel-free MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini are powered by Apple silicon chips for longer battery life and better performance.

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  1. geekbench 5:
    apple m1 pt.7433,,,,,ryzen 4600h pt.4809

    cinebench r23:
    apple m1 pt.4530,,,,,,ryzen 4600h pt.8934

  2. do you have any review about Microsoft office (words, excel and power points) and adobe graphic (photoshop, illustrator and after effect) are they working in Macbook pro silicon M1?

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  4. Need to mention that M1 is not only Arm design but it is a 5 nano chip, which is the highest efficiency chip out there. This is the main reason why M1 may perform better than other Arm structure chips.

  5. Interesting that the new Mac Mini with the M1chip only offers up to 16GB of memory and two monitors vs the Intel chip that offers up to 64GB and 3 monitors.

  6. This wasn't really new Mac's with M1 chip explanation. It should have been like it's a completely new computer system, like a new console. Old games and programs don't automatically work but need to wait photoshops etc to release a version for this one. And nothing about these computers running iPhone apps.

  7. The most telling statement in the apple keynote was that the M1 offers 3 times the graphics performance of any existing integrated graphics. In other words if I upgrade my current i3 based laptop with Intel system graphics that can barely run Skyrim legendary edition at low settings to an M1 then I would still only be able to run Skyrim Special Edition at medium level graphics settings. When you look at the few frames of game play in the keynote it is clear that the M1 could not run Skyrim Second Edition at highest settings. There is of course no chance the the M1 could ever run cyberpunk 2077. There is also no chance that in a crowded market that either Bethesda or CD Project Red would port their games to the M1.

    I have an iPhone and have 185 Gb of old video podcasts in the iTunes library in my PC. This means that none of even the the fully upgraded Macs in the keynote would have the 2Tb storage that I need for what I do. It was interesting to note that both the 256 Gb and 512 Gb SSDs in these Macs are soldered directly into the motherboard and so they are completely none up-gradable.

    I do find the micro-controller like design in the M1 chip interesting. The M1 chip includes either 8 Gb or 16 b of main system RAM on chip. This gives the important micro-controller like advantage that address and data lines for the RAM need not be provided outside of the chip which reduces its pin count. I like the fact that this RAM must be really fast because it is all on chip. All of the RAM must run at close to cache speeds. This does of course mean that if you buy a $999 Mac Book Air with 8 Gb of RAM on chip this can never be upgraded to 16 Gb without trading up to a more expensive model with a 16 Gb M1 chip and that it is physically impossible for any model to be manufactured with 32 Gb of RAM. I notice that you cannot yet buy a 16 Gb model which suggests that Apple is having yield problems in manufacturing 16 Gb M1 chips.

    One of the most important factors in game performance is that the huge number of calculations needed for AAA gaming can only be made if a system is overclocked. This means that the only hope that Apple has of supporting high performance games with the M1 is if they over clock it and fit it with a fan as big as that in the Xbox Series X. That fan is essential whenever the Xbox Series X runs next gen games.

  8. You said now, the air has no fan, I wasn’t aware it ever had one.
    And the difference between the air and pro will be the pro’s fan and how it will dissipate heat to keep high speed processing where the air will slow

  9. What kind of nonsense is Apple selling us? The mini is the best in its class, compared to what? Base model 8 gb ram 256 gb ssd, $699, unupgradable later.
    ASRock deskmini 300+ ryzen 5 3400g, 32 gb ram, 1tb ssd roughly $550-650 depending on what you pick and price fluctuations.
    So for less money better system more memory, more storage and I’d say better graphics and cpu but we still don’t have any comparison values just it’s better than the 2018 lower end i3 so entertain me how would the mini outperform this cheaper system?

  10. We are watching the same level of disruption as we saw when the iPhone was launched. Maybe even greater 👍🏻

  11. Hey guys. I ordered Macbook Pro 13"with I5 2.0Ghz model 2 weeks later. I haven't opened it yet. I am thinking that I will refund it and buy new MacbookPro with M1 Chip. What are your thinks??

  12. What a brilliant beast of a laptop Apple has introduced now all those ASU’s and Lenovo carbon will be hiding in dark.

  13. The title “ONE MORE THING ”
    already had the clue for what they were going to release ..
    Just read it in reverse..

  14. Has apple said anything about windows support or bootcamp? I'm assuming that only for intel mac books right?

  15. If they put touch screen on a Mac laptop i don't have to buy a new iPad pro yes !! Apps is coming to OS

  16. What performance they play Arcade games not real games like call of duty or Metro you need good laptop get Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 not Mac please people be smart

  17. Is it true that the ram is part of the SOC? So first gen M1 chip max ram is 16gb only. And is it true that the Mac Mini with M1 chip does not support e-gpu?

  18. Why is no one talking that they just released a new Macbook Air and Pro 2020 they just released. It's quite a short life cycle!

  19. I have a 16 inch base model 2019. Should I trade it in and upgrade to the new 13 inch MacBook Pro (upgrading the memory to 16gb and ssd to 512)?

  20. When you do the comparison to the intel chips, could you also compare how windows perform (if possible) on the new chips? Both using boot camp and running under VM.

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