watchOS 7 – the WORST and BEST features for Apple Watch

In this video, I talk about the best and worst new features on watchOS 7 for Apple Watch. Features such as faster animations, hand-washing feature, sleep tracking, new watch face an more. Faster animations have made the Apple Watch Series 3 very snappy! The Apple Watch has never been this useful.

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  1. Nikias, the vegan loops have ship for Brazil? I would like to buy, but I need to know if they delivery here!

  2. sorry to say but Kernel app isn't working with iOS 14 for me, (i'm in france) just telling you that 🙂

  3. I don't use a lot Haptic touch but I guess that the reason why they removed, as you already know is about battery capacity as they've done with recent iPhone

  4. I just noticed when watching your video that the Series 3 doesn’t get the new Siri (along with many other features). But I am glad that it’s indeed much faster on watchOS 7!

  5. I will miss force touch, but hopefully apple will change the interface to make it more useful without the force touch or else we will lose a very cool feature of the Apple Watch.

  6. I think they should leave force touch enabled on the current devices that support it, and then on the Apple Watch 6 if they remove it they should implement Haptic touch like for example as they did on the iPhone XR

  7. I love this video a lot I can’t wait for the new features coming out on the I watch

  8. What do you think they'd put in place of force touch if they actually removed it? I sure hope they don't, but if they do then Series 6 must have some great new features.

  9. Yeah definitely not a fan of them removing Force Touch. I use it all the time, as I used 3D Touch on my iPhone. But it’s a much bigger loss on the Apple Watch.

  10. The 3d touch on apple watch is a bug for sure, just like on the first ios 13 beta last year. It is a very important feature for the apple watch.

  11. Removing force touch means I’ll never update. It literally screws the interface up…. unless they redesigned the hardware to make up for it. Haptic won’t cut it

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