THIS Finally Made Me Replace My iPad Pro!

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I don’t think anyone celebrated the announcement of iPad OS more than I did last year. I’ve been paying top dollar for iPad Pros for years, so the idea of finally having something as simple as a desktop browser or a file manager was all that I thought I needed. The problem is that while principle is there, meaning Safari does tell websites that it’s a computer and not a phone, the capability is hit or miss because it still behaves like a phone. While we do now have a file explorer, this whole approach to accessing files between apps, or sharing them is this convoluted set of unnecessary steps.

I was hoping that iPad OS 14 would be the solution, but neither of those things were addressed, and just why widgets don’t work on the larger canvas is just ridiculous to me. And I get it, maybe Apple doesn’t want to have its own iPad to compete in certain ways with the Mac, but have you done the math of how much it costs to buy a decent and fully equipped iPad Pro? It’s between 800 to 1000 dollars for the tablet, over 300 dollars for the keyboard, 120 dollars for the pencil.. You’re talking 12 to 1500 dollars for a product that still can’t do everything.

And here’s the thing, I’ve spent two years looking a better alternative. A tablet with pro-grade stylus support for some uses, but that could be a full blown computer without restrictions for others uses where the iPad failed. First I thought the Pixel Slate could solve the problem, but we know that crashed and burned. The Always Connected PC is really close to this ideal, but some app compatibility holds it back. And then while the Surface Pro was good, it’s still not my favorite form factor. I was seriously starting to lose hope until I found something better..

This is the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex, what the company dubs as QLED brilliance in a powerful 2-in-1, and yeah, there’s actually a broader story as to why this product matters. Thing is Josh’s review from a few months ago left me convinced that this was the product I was looking for, and after a few weeks of use, there’s a lot to say. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and this has been my experience replacing the iPad Pro


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  1. Good video for who does not understand the purpose of using an iPad Pro. What for sure, you are included.

  2. I couldn't agree more and it's refreshing to hear this…..I too have been between phone and tablet…..but have like you realized the Galaxy Book just plain and simple is a superior tool.

  3. Not onlu is the the Samsung galaxy book flex taht like a laptop tab
    Check the hp x360 series elite or specter are the best

  4. Thank you for such an amazing review! I have had mine for several months now and I absolutely Love it. Probably the best laptop I've owned I've actually gotten 18-20 hours of battery with it. I'm not really too upset about the speakers because I use a pair of with Nuraphones or Sony 950BT's with them and those sound pheromonal. I only wish Samsung would have brought the higher end specs over from Korea such as the dedicated GPU and the extra 4GB of Ram upping it to 16 total. Definitely going to be using this for a while.

  5. As an artist, the Galaxy pen doesn't sound very attractive. The tasks you outlined in the beginning of the video sound like you'd be fine with just a regular apple pencil compatible iPad though, so that would knock the price down to 300ish, not 800ish.

    You mentioned editing video, though, which I guess you can't really do.

  6. I am not fan of apple iOS but it's not cool to compare tablet with a laptop.. well drawback of your video is that you are comparing a full OS with tablet os that's trying to stretch to be like full OS…. It would be better had u compared samsung tablet…

  7. You finally replaced your ipad pro?
    Great bro, Now give it to me then 🤣🤣

    Love this video its so informative ❤❤❤

  8. I use a windows laptop, Initially used android (Samsung) tablet & phone, previously used iPad air 2 and now I use an iPad Pro. I have to admit it nothing comes close to the experience of using an iPad. It is literally the most exciting device I ever used. Sometimes I even work or study because I only want to use my iPad … it is so much fun.

  9. Not sure why u want to pay $1800 for a tablet. You should’ve bought iPad Air. Or just use a MacBook Air.

  10. I got the Galaxy S7 for Christmas and I can tell you it beats my two apple iPad Pros. This galaxy S7 can do everything without limitations, its like having an expensive computer with you at all times and my wife only paid $276.00 at Costco. What A deal!!!

  11. Touch screen on windows is a gimmic. Most of the software is not optimized to be used with finger or even a stylus. Photoshop, Lightroom and video editing is a huge frustration without dedicated graphics card on windows, wheres iPad is optimized for all of that and works great. I've been through this with my last years lenovo yoga Thinkpad or whatever the name, it just does not work well. I really doubt Samsung is way ahead of them.

  12. Hello there… I love Samsung product, mostly along the line of "note" phones because I like to take notes in my college years as well as working years. I never look at and envy on people having tablets or iPad for that matter.

    So when Samsung came out with this super slim 2 in 1 laptop I jumped in. This device called my name. This is actually my very first own Microsoft base laptop. I hated the Microsoft office. So I install libreOffice way better than Microsoft. Otherwise, I love everything about this computer, this is just like a huge notebook for me filled with tons of handwritten notes, webpages with highlights etc…

    But in the long run…
    I can't wait for it be obsolete so I can install Linux on it. Yes you heard me right. I'm an android and Linux user.

  13. 1 thought. It runs Windows. I crash into a wall here. If only Samsung built its little ecosystem on Linux, I’d be there. I’d be running from Apple. Not walking.

  14. He's 100% right on about the QLED display, its very very good. And IMO better then OLED for a computer. If u mainly watch content and plays games, then find a OLED display. But for computer work mainly the QLED is great for everything.

  15. If only more people knew how integrated Samsung and Windows products have become. You wanna start talking ecosystems? I firmly believe Samsung purposely holds back. They make a lot of money from Apple. No need to kill them off. But I swear if they could get the app optimization right on Android for tabs, iPad would R.I.P. that and that $120 shitty pencil.

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