Dear Linus…You’re Wrong About the Apple M1

Linus, I love you but…You jumped the gun on Apple’s new M1 silicon chip and the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. Let me explain.
Awesome read/breakdown of the M1 from Anandtech:
Linus’ Hot Take on the M1:

we made a song out of the MagSafe sound 😮
Shot on iPhone 12 Pro – HDR Dolby Vision Footage + channel!

2 cool monitors to pair with the M1 Mac mini! .

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  1. He is lying. Wanna know why?
    Iphone arm chipset basicly Activating the GPU while rendering (While in x86 we see Nvec or Intel QSV quicksync is disabled by default) Period.

  2. The reason I subscribe to your channel, is the calm , balanced dissemination of information. Linus may be the most wonderful man on the planet. However, the screaming internet meme that Linus seems to become, really doesn't instil confidence that he knows where of he speaks.

  3. Linus went against the fact that apple claimed M1 is most powerful CPU core
    Seeing all the tests we can say that M1 is not the most powerful CPU core and definitely not giving graphics as good as a discrete gpu in earlier macs. So Linus was somewhat correct.

  4. I think's it's probably more of a shrewd move by Linus – just come right out of the gate with a polarizing video about product X to drive up the clicks/views, get people riled up, then later release a follow up "I was wrong about product X" video. That way he can lure both the fan boys and the haters not once but twice $$$. People need to just relax.

  5. I would like to see a comparison with an android phone. you know.. ARM VS ARM, uploading a high-quality video.

  6. So… Not to bust anyone’s bubble… But this isn’t Apple M1 as claimed in the title. When you put the video on pause at 0:24 it’s evident the machine is actually an Intel based machine. Also, the M1 macs do not exceed 8 cores, rather, this is a 10 core Intel core i9 machine. It has no M1 chip inside of it. Sorry if some of you didn’t catch on but judging by the dislike to like ratio some people may have seen through this…

  7. 4:26 totally am, and I am 100% sure the M1 isn't even capable of running Java, VM's, Linux, Windows, Games that have not been specifically made for M1.
    You try to discurage people by already belittling criticism.
    Tech doesn't only consist of Video editing by "smart guys" and "appreciating the 20h battery" for stupid people.

  8. So you prove that Apple's own software runs better on Apple's own hardware.
    You just turned the facts around and force the oppinion that the A chip was better in general, although you know it's bullshit.

  9. As someone who now knows the M1 MacBook pro, I gotta say Johnathan is 100% right here. People are really looking at apple silicon from an archaic standpoint, if you think about the benefits that this architecture will offer in the coming months paired with the incredible battery life, the computing possibilities could be endless

  10. After seeing Linus Tests and other YouTubers Tests like Chris Titus tech, the M1 chip is no way near THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL CPU the M1 couldn't beat a ryzen 5 5600x in about 90% of the Tests. However it's the best CPU to ever put in a Mac

  11. Good take on how people should look or not look at the new M1 Macs.

    What corded Keyboard, Mouse & Webcam would you recommend?


  12. please do the same test with same iphone and m1 chip macbook now.

    If the files were same and render quality is exactly the same, I don't know how there is a difference in file sizes.

    Please do the test now and hope m1 is faster than iphone ??

  13. What most people fail to realize is that 2GHz on an ARM CPU is not equal to 2Ghz on an x86 CPU…
    If you just learned something reading my comment, do some research, it’s really interesting.
    While an x86 CPU may take multiple cycles to complete an operation, an ARM cpu will only take one. The abbreviations are the following :
    x86 : Complex Instructions Set Computer or CISC

    ARM : Reduced Instructions Set Computer or RISC

  14. Fan-Boys and haters, they never let you down do they? Even smart people have emotional attachments and ego's etc. I remember when the Intel Fan-Boys were hating Ryzen in 2017-'18….lots of screaming and crying….now it is quiet and everybody loves Ryzen just fine.
    I have a feeling Apple just changed the game far more than even Ryzen did. There will be much crying and gnashing of teeth. But once everyone switches to ARM chips, it will get quiet and the ARM haters of today will not remember (the ARM hating video's will be fun to watch in 2023! Can't wait!
    Looks like Apple is finally having a long overdue Steve Jobs-like innovation thing again, where Apple changes the world in this or that or another.
    If Linus really did make a joke about buying a computer with iPad parts in it, well, the true joke may be that (Apple) iPad processors are about to over-run anything X86 just like Ryzen over-ran Intel.
    PS: My wife and I both LOVE Linus! And I think his beard is awesome, he makes that beard look good! But Apple/Mac haters are a hard breed man. As for me I have Macs and I build PC's for gaming at the same time. And no matter how much Linus may or may not hate Macs, I still think he is awesome….Linus made a bad call on the Apple M1 deal, but no body is perfect.

  15. Thanks for trying to keep people unbiased. I think people are going to be BLOWN AWAY in the next 18 months!

  16. Mac mini is pointless, I've tried the new macbook but its pretty shit compared to my hp omen. I work with adobe software and macbook is simple and easy to use sure, but the raw power that a pc can get at the same cost of a mac is undeniably better

  17. I am usually anti apple (at least for the last 10 years), I do appreciate the honest video and I have to agree that the M1 chip actually looks promising. The only problems I can see is in 3-4 years the silicone chips might not be so durable. I am a computer technician and my experience with Apple products since 2008 is that they have a lot of faults that they don't acknowledge until they get sued.
    I can just imagine the faults that a NEW technology will have in 3 years.

    But still, in comparison to the latest model, if you are looking to buy a Mac I would probably recommend taking the risk on these new ones because they do seem promising.

  18. so hes saying the m1 is fast but then compared it to an iPhone which finished the same process much faster to prove that the m1 is slow af? I'm so confused what the relevance was there. that was like racing a camero against a tesla p100d. there's no comparison

  19. Linus was the same person who bashed the iPhone into the ground while singing praises about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

    Guess which phone quite literally blew up and had to be recalled by its manufacturer and caused an international-level embarrassment for them.

  20. So this video is comparing Hardware transcoding vs CPU transcoding time? There is no CPU performance comparison anywhere in this video..

  21. I mean, a hardware encoder is going to accelerate encoding. The iPad Pro would scale similarly to the MacBook, wattage-wise. He even says that the iPad Pro is performant as fuck.

  22. Linus is an idiot, he doesn’t do his research, he talked shit about the PS5 and got schooled cause he was chatting shit and the same thing again

  23. I watch Linus videos before this… yeah linus totally sounds like an ass now.

    So obvious that he was just trying to misdirect viewers now just so things that he sells stay relevant.

  24. You could've just texted him and explained and he would've corrected himself in his upcoming video, I feel like making his mistake public is a little embarrassing though you love him

  25. I believe that the M1 is just the beginning of apple's revolution. I love Linus too. But, after watching that M1 review video… It was fun to watch to be honest. Thank you so much Jonathan to share your options. Love the channel.

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