Apple’s Tim Cook Warns About Social Media Usage | CNBC

Ed Lee, Recode, and Adam Atler, NYU Stern School of Business marketing professor, discuss Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments on restricting children in his family from using social media.
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Apple’s Tim Cook Warns About Social Media Usage | CNBC .

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  1. i find it extremely insane that Apples comments and views on social media have less than 100,000 views total, however Tim Cook is active on Twitter, but only has 1k tweets versus Trump 55k, while Jobs has no Social Media account. Page/ Brin are not big on social media either, nor is Zuckerberg. They are busy working on improving their products. I suppose he has to use his voice here and there, I wish they would put tools or an app to help people code though and work with coders together, or really do any work together on the screen (share screen to work). something to get them to do something besides use multimedia and social media, that would be the killer app. I would like to be able to colab with somone else on their system but I really can't, its more of an individual thing so its really hard to do team work with computer, therefore we are left as confused individuals who tend to follow crowds or end up getting manipulated by popularity things turning us into like minded individuals. Google and Facebook sort of played a part in the manipulation of the internet and if you ask me that was entirely not good. Zoom is OK but not the Crusher. I don't get the same level of communication peoples face on a screen as in person, its a completely different experience Errol Morris described it perfectly in Fog of War, his technique for filming. I just want to talk and work on screens. whatever I have more ideas too.

  2. Brady Oshiro
    1 second ago
    the day they regulate technology or social media will be the beginning of the end.

  3. There is NO WAY internet usage could be regulated without a massive uprising of the population. What a foolish idea.

  4. It’s like Philip Morris’s anti smoking campaign or Exxon’s TV ads about its clean energy efforts. Tim Cook is a good manager of a mature company but he’s as corrupt as they come

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