iPadOS on iPad Pro 1st Gen (12.9 inch & 9.7 inch) Review!

I decided to install iPadOS 13.1 on my iPad Pro 1st gen.
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  1. I'm keeping an eye on the 2015 1st gen Pro. If Apple drops support after ios 14, it will confirm for me that Pro models aren't worth the original price paid. If Pro models are being marketed as laptop replacement, Apple needs to support these for the same length of time as a MacBook….anything less than 8 years of ios support will be unacceptable. Apple needs to be transparent about support length. It's far too expensive an investment to have to guess. Google does this with every chromebook, whether you paid $200 or $1000, Chromebook are supported for at least 8.5 years from manufacture date. Some chromebook may even see longer support than the initial 8.5. Apple has no excuse to be vague on support. That's why I've stayed away from iPad "Pro". Ios is too restrictive an OS and Apple decides the ultimate path to obsolescence for all their mobile devices. Macs will see no less than a decade of support. and Windows or Linux on a mac gives the user greater longevity. Apple so tightly controls ios that it makes investing in any $1000 dollar iPad a massive financial risk.

  2. Hey! To use the three finger pinch feature, use your thumb and two other fingers vs using three fingers.. so much easier!

  3. Thanks for this video overview!
    I have the same iPad Pro 9.7 1st gen.
    I’m running iOS 9.3.3 because I can jailbreak it and I much prefer that OS in general. The only issue is that I can’t download a bunch of apps now that require later OSes.

    So my question to you is:

    Should I update to iOS 13.3, or iPad OS?

    I don’t want my iPad to be sluggish or buggy because it is an older iPad…

    Looking forward to your thoughts – thank you!

  4. We start out on a beat, but you will wonder what is for about 20 secs. (CU on Tim Cook in a cool library-ish room with lots of haze and a single light source over his shoulder as he reads the comments of an iPadOS 13 review on youtube on an iPad obviously) "Great breakdown. iPad has so many features that I never use. It's just that versatile. Easy to use, powerful."

    (We cut between his eyes and the tablet screen (yes it's a tablet)) "Apple is doing things that have never been done before". Wide reaction shot on TC, as if this is the first time he has heard it, gobsmacked. We're self aware at this point if it's not apparent enough.

    (there's a breakbeat, then cut to crazy beautiful b-roll of pro athletes being athletic and doing insane stuff like a barrel roll wearing an Apple Watch to the beat, as well as kids and normal people like me achieving a goal). What song have we been listening to this whole time?

    it's been this song "Leaving this Planet" by Trevor Something" the whole time in the background but we had to at least make them enjoy it before they google it. Pause the video now. (Follow your dreams)

    (Cut Back to over the shoulder of TC as reads YT comments, as we pull camera from iPad to his face, he's still reading). "They say it was all planned in advance on the internet, but it wasn't."

    Shots of Trevor Somwthing mixing in his bedroom, studio. wherever. Some quick, crazy 6 frame shots of all of Apple's products from 1984- current i na hyperlapse style.. We're talking aesthetic, 80's Miami but not on Redondo because we obv don't have that budget.

    Fade in CU on TC as he laughs. "That's just the power of the iPad". Smash to apple logo, dark mode obvs. CU of this comment,

  5. Im trying to decide which is better for lightroom the ipad pro 9.7 $359 or the ipad 10.2 7th gen $329 ?

  6. Hi. How long does the battery with the IPadOS system last? My IPad Pro 9.7 holds the battery about 10h and above (but I still have IOS 10 installed – I read that newer versions reduced the time of maximum use).

  7. About to buy ipad pro 9.7 .. thanks for this video. Any battery issues since its old ? Any issues at all ?

  8. Amazing video!!! Finally on the Pro 9.7 inch which this is the iPad I have and not everyone do with Pro 2018, Can you do Speed Test with iPadOS 13 on iPad Pro 9.7?

  9. I have an iPad mini that has 9.3.5 and I don’t understand how your iPad runs so fast like mine is so slow

  10. I don’t want to be annoying but.. I sometimes send you an invite… my psn is mrxfluffx503. Please don’t un add me. If you don’t want me to bother you I won’t…

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