iPhone 6S on iOS 15 – How does it run?

iPhone 6S on iOS 15 – How does it run? Hello all and welcome to my Apple iPhone 6S on iOS 15 review of performance video. The iPhone 6S is the oldest iPhone in apple’s lineup to receive iOS 15 and in this video I am going to show you how it performs on beta 1 which should give you an idea of how it may perform come this fall as it improves it will get better, but this is a good preliminary look at it’s current performance. The intentions of this video is to help iPhone 6S see what they can expect. Apple iPhone 6S launched in September of 2015 which would make it 6 years old this September and it will be receiving iOS 15. Apple iPhone 6S comes with a 4.7″ Retina Display, Apple A9 CPU, 2GB of ram, and a single 4K30 camera.
If you have iPhone 6S and have updated to the iOS 15 beta, please consider sharing your experience down below in the comments with the community!
As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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  1. Tbh im not have any issue with battery on iphone considering im not use my phone to play a game😅. Im looking forward for official ios 15.. really exited 🙂

  2. Since this is my only phone I don't know how it compares to newer phones so that isn't really an issue. I will, however, know how it runs comparing its performance to ios 14.6. My phone doesn't heat up at all and I've set everything to preserve the battery (battery health 89%) so don't know if I should upgrade to 15 when it's out of beta. Should we?

  3. Convinced me to not upgrade my battered & beaten 6s just yet. He will live on until his last charge. 4 more years!

  4. 6s + around here, bought a couple of months after launch, 128gb, updated to 14.6 and it goes perfect, a little slow in demanding tasks and the camera is far from the best, but it works without problems, one of the best purchases I have made

  5. I'm watching on my XS Max, thinking of updating iOS 15. I heard some news it take an Iphone XS or newer model for some features to work

  6. This is a misleading video, you are making people buy a phone that literally is unusable, it dies in half an hour with the newest update. whats the point of having a phone which dies in half an hour?

  7. Oh WOW Apple even supported iphone 6s with the newest update… shame on you Android fans… but the phone goes from 100% in 0% in half an hour…. Perfectly usable. i wonder if its support or just forcing a new buy

  8. Just change the battery every 18-24 months you will get easily 5-6 hrs SOT. Battery health in 70s will give only 2hrs sot. I changed my battery 15 months before currently my health is 90% getting 4-5 hrs sot easily. May be will buy iPhone 14😅 or will use this as primary device till my battery health is below 75

  9. I still remember when iPhone 6s launched with iOS 9. It was a breeze to use! Great to see it still supported, and with a respectable pace.

  10. I don't care how people hate about apple, but this is impressive how Apple can take care of a near 6 years old device and still very usable for basic task

  11. I needed a phone that can half decently pull off genshin impact and, the iphone 6s is one of them. So happy that my brother gave me his old 6s. Android still doesnt have controller support while this old iphone 6s running ios 14.6 or 15 can provide.

  12. I like those bezels. Used to have the 6s and I loved it. Awesome to see it’s still gonna be around but I moved up to the faster 2nd gen SE and no regrets!

  13. i installed this beta on the SE2016 first day… and app store loads much much faster content… maybe it is your internet connection? battery is terrible 😀

  14. The iphone 6S is still fairly powerful and on par with £200-£300 Android phones in power which after 7 years is incredible, the battery however makes it unusable even at launch I had to buy a battery case.

  15. Ive the 6s plus with ios 13.7 and is smoother than that ios 15 version and comparing with others iphone with the latest version my 6s plus still running decent throughout the apps .

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