iOS 15.2 RC is Out! – What's New?

iOS 15.2 RC or iOS 15.2 GM has been released for developers and iOS 15.2 RC Public Beta as well. iOS 15.2 RC is available to all supported devices and iOS 15.2 will release in a week or so. iOS 15.2 adds digital legacy, app privacy report, updates to messages, Siri, CarPlay, photos, and has bug fixes. In this video I go over everything new in iOS 15.2 GM and how to leave iOS 15.2 beta and get the official iOS 15.2 when it is released to the public. #iOS15 #iPadOS15 #iPhone #apple

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00:00 – Introduction
00:13 – Size
00:59 – Apple also released
01:17 – If you are a developer or public beta tester
01:34 – Build number and Modem update
02:01 – New Features
09:59 – Enhancements and Updates
11:47 – Resolved issues and Bug Fixes
12:57 – Known Issues
13:26 – Security Updates
13:37 – iOS 15.2 Release
14:14 – Should You Install iOS 15.2 RC?
14:40 – Battery life
15:25 – Performance
16:09 – Benchmarks
16:27 – Conclusion
16:56 – Outro

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  1. iOS 15.2 RC is finally here. Did you install it yet, what device are you using and are you waiting for the final release to the public? Thanks for watching and I hope you gave a great day.

  2. They finally fixed the storage bugggg omgggg I’m gassed legit ye I’ve had the storage bug for like 2 month or sommat now it’s legit showing finally

  3. Hey Aaron! Whenever I need information about Apple updates, as always I am watching you brother. Your videos are very informative, direct to the point and no time-waste. Appreciations on you, man!

  4. Since i installed 15.0 my status bar starts to rotate to left or right from time to time…

  5. If I want to end the beta, can I delete the beta profile after the update and wait for the correct update?

  6. Seems strange to me no one really hits on the biggest problem of battery drain. Music is active in the background 24/7 and sucks the life out of the battery even when charging. I’ve deleted music and reinstalled it. I’ve reinstalled iOS 15.1 and there’s absolutely no change. I stand by the fact this is intentional by Apple to increase sales activity. 😡

  7. I don’t know if this is a bug again, downloaded the RC last night, and I have noticed that the mysterious storage bug has appeared again. My storage usage has almost doubled with this download. Apart from that, everything else seems to be ok.

  8. I'm with XR (90% battery life after 2 years). Everything looks fine if they fix autobrightness then will be amazing 🙂

  9. It was so satisfying to see how you pressed do not disturb and it showed up on all the other devices 😍😍, love the apple ecosystem

  10. do you use custom icons for your iphone? how did you customize your twitter icon to black?

  11. Great video as always. You talked about the emergency feature and can you explain how that fully triggers. I’ve had a few occasions when I’ve done something that has triggered a location pin to be dropped and sent immediately to my contact. It’s a feature i might want to use someday and especially would like to show my kids how to use so if in an emergency they can send me and/or their mom that data. I thought at one point that was my watch doing it but again not even sure how I triggered it. Thx!

  12. I seem to have a new bug with the RC version. Occasionally app icons in notifications are missing. Same with some album art in Music. Anyone else?

  13. Hi I use 7 plus as I search an app or need to search my keyboard disappeared and I need to do it again

  14. Why apple still didn’t put the battery percentage in statusbar im still waiting for that to happen

  15. Into apple music app I saw a playlist (recently added) is that an auto playlist? whats the rule? Thanks


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