Antenna Point

With Antenna Point, aiming your antenna is easy! You can see the transmitting towers along with the distance from your home to each tower. Find the best location to receive TV signals and install your indoor, attic or outdoor antenna. Antenna Point will identify your location and provide concentric circles on the map with a coverage area of a 35-mile, 50-mile, and a 60-mile range pattern. The towers are displayed in black on the map and you can click on each tower to see the affiliate name for each transmitter. There is also a list of TV channels available in your area.

It’s So Easy
Hold your smart phone or tablet horizontal to the ground. Slowly turn your device and use the pointer symbol in the center of the map as your guide until the pointer is aimed towards the largest cluster of towers.

Aim the antenna toward the TV stations’ towers and check the reception by connecting your antenna to the TV and performing a channel scan. [Note: certain variables unrelated to the antenna’s performance can interfere with signal reception, such as terrain, tall buildings, and trees].

By Antennas Direct, Inc.

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