English Tests: Some, Any, No

As you already know, there are a large number of pronouns in English. Pronouns help us replace a noun in a sentence. There is a special kind of pronoun in English – indefinite pronouns. They are used instead of the article, as a definition for a noun. These pronouns are very common and play an important role. With the help of them, you can correctly express the request, use it in negative sentences, and even in affirmative sentences.
These pronouns often raise questions for English learners. In order to understand and remember the difference between these pronouns, we suggest you use our application.
Our application contains a large number of tests for the main types of pronouns, including the pronouns some, any, no. All tests are divided into several groups for your convenience. Each test consists of 10 multiple choice questions. You need to carefully read the sentence in which the pronoun is missing and choose the correct answer by clicking on one of the buttons. After each test, you will be able to see your stats. Statistics show correct and incorrect answers. You will be able to correct your mistakes and find gaps in your knowledge.
In your application, you can also find English grammar for all types of pronouns. We have already found everything there is to know about English pronouns, you need to study this information. Our grammar contains only the information you need. Beginners to learn English will not be confused by the abundance of information, and people with an advanced level of English will be able to quickly repeat the basic rules and refresh their knowledge.
Our application will be convenient for both adults and children. Concise and user-friendly design will not distract you from your studies. You can also change the background of the application in the settings. It will be convenient for you in any light and in any situation!
You can use our self-study English app to complement your school or college textbook for language courses. Teachers can recommend our app to their students for independent use.
Our tests will be useful in preparation for international exams in English, such as TOEFL, IELTS.
A large number of tests will help you quickly improve your knowledge and bring your skills to automatism. Use our app every day and spend at least 15 minutes. After all, the correct use of pronouns will diversify your speech, expand your vocabulary, and bring grammar to a higher level. You will be able to write and read fluently in English.

By Nelly Latypova

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