TP-Link FileBank


TP-Link FileBank allows you to access the internal storage and external USB disks of your TP-Link router (Archer C5400X) from anywhere, as long as you can access the internet. More private and secure than a cloud service, and just as convenient.

Simply log in to your TP-Link router (Archer C5400X) with your TP-Link ID, plug in external USB disks if you like, then you can enjoy private, secure, remote management of your pictures, videos, and other files with TP-Link FileBank.

TP-Link FileBank supports the following features:
– Store, view, rename, move, delete, and search for files and folders
– Download files to local, upload files to storage disks
– View the storage details and format disks
– Customize profile settings

Note: Currently only Archer C5400X supports TP-Link FileBank.


By TP-Link Corporation Limited

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