Elon Says Tesla Truck Off Road Will "Kick Butt"

In a couple of recent tweets, Elon has made it clear he wasn’t joking when he said in the Cybertruck reveal that it was Teslas intent to make the truck a Baja worthy vehicle. I think this tells us some important things about what lies ahead. .

What do you think?

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  1. There's going to be an upswing of UFO sightings in the desert when people start jumping these trucks off of the sand dunes.

  2. Just discovered your channel today… Binged watched all of them. Great stuff. Love your down to earth reasoning and easy technical explanations! Keep them coming! BTW… I've pre-ordered 4 of them — 2 tri, 1 dual and 1 single. I bought 100 shares of TSLA back when it was in the low $200's and figure by the time they deliver I'll be able to use that stock to buy all 4 trucks. I started buying with this in mind. I'll use three of the trucks as robo-taxis.

  3. Did you see Elon's tweet on wading in CT? 🙂 Would be interested in your thoughts.

  4. Hope your healthy and well man. I have a question for you. Elon is talking about the suspension in a way that suggests it being heavily geared for off roading, which is fantastic because it will put the CyberTruck in a league that only the Raptor is in (in terms of production vehicles) But I am curious, do you think that because the air suspension is adaptive the CyberTruck would still be a very comfortable ride for city and highway use? I am getting one with the intention of using it as a roadtripping vehicle and I've always wanted to get a vehicle with air suspension because of how it feels so smooth driving long distances.

  5. Interesting thoughts Todd.
    A little off topic, but I was wondering how hard it would be to add automatically adjustable tyre pressure while on the go so you could deflate or inflate your tyres depending on the terrain & loading. It should be doable because even the old Russian trucks over here have that tech, been around for 50 years. It would also help reduce the height to get it into lower garages & lower the bed height even more for difficult loading situations.

  6. Your videos make me want my Cybertruck that much more. I wish Tesla would start building the factory already!

  7. Someone must have told Elon about those posts that said the CT won't be any good off road. This is Elon sticking his finger up and saying f u. Now Elon is really motivated to making this the best truck on and off the planet. After Baja, the Dakar? Good testing for military and emergency agencies too. Looking forwards to seeing this in the movies. Wonder what Fast and Furious can do with them? Some guys are saying it will also be a perfect camera platform. What is the number needed to make it the no1 selling truck? That will be Elon's target. The only question is how fast he can do it, not if he can do it.

  8. Your channel rocks. I wonder about the suspension, is it like airbags, or more like hydropneumatic like a Citroen DS ? Is it going to have features like Multimatic Dynamic Suspenions active sususpension systems? I think that has valves that are electromechanically actuated land make the shocks stiffer or softer by computer. Would be cool to review this stuff. I think it will be like both, Citroen with active shocks.

  9. Great video, love the content. I have my name in for a duel motor CT. How do you think the look will change from now until the production version?

  10. Great video Todd. Can you help explain the technical aspects of Baja and prerunner trucks. Been trying to research it for the past few weeks but a lot of videos focus too much on dude bros and eating Mexican food. 😁

  11. FWIW, Elon does like to go fast… his other car is a way oof-road Mach 15 orbital 🚀 (he designed a lot of it himself). Baja is good practice for driving on Mars! Talk about off-road! Love your channel man. Keep it real.

  12. Yeah, I also think he has something to prove. He always like badass (Step above anything else)

  13. What is your idea for Baja in regards of range? special swapable battery? Battery in valt?
    Also, awesome content on your channel

  14. The dynamic suspension in this vehicle is going to be next level. I'm really interested in seeing what they are developing. It doesn't seem like they have finished designing this truck. Elon is trying to make this the best vehicle ever made.

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