Windows 11 – First Look and Walkthrough (LEAKED)

With the recent leak of the dev Windows 11 .iso file I take a look though the system to see any updates and changes. The primary change is overall UI improvements. This includes additions to have the start menu and applications centered, widgets sidebar, tiling windows, and other feature additions.

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  1. Crazy to me.. I know it's an early version but first, as always the new features are totally useless that's not new for Microsoft, but they can't keep what's good !! We're in 2021 and I still use Windows 7 control panel because windows 10 and 11 control panel is complete trash ! Even the start menu, how can they release such things, when is Microsoft going to ask users what they want instead of releasing untested features NO ONE cares about (I mean okay the layouts buttons why not but it takes less time for me to actually place the tiles where I want. It's also not what I want, I wanted the layout to stay the same once I open or close another application. Instead if I open a new app it goes on top of everything else not respecting my layout.. it's seriously so badly done)
    Extremely bad job from Microsoft. As soon as Google releases a good Android OS I will switch, enough is enough, Microsoft lives in the 90's, it's outdated before it's even released

  2. I really don't understand all this hete that the linux community has for windows, if it was any distro showing this news everyone would be praising, but as it is windows "it's garbage, crap, bad copy of Kde Plasma, I'm not even going to test it".
    The most ironic thing is that the Mac is more closed than Windows and doesn't have that much hater.

  3. Windows needs to have 2 versions of windows only. One for consumers and education (One version should be able to accept different types of licenses) with no bloated apps. Than a second version with all the bloat because a lot of companies and government agencies need it but not us consumers.

  4. Very similar to Linux DE. Manjaro KDE? Or a little bit Cinnamon. Better than the traditional Windows look.

  5. It's good to see the simplicity in the start menu. I am hoping that Microsoft will fix the memory and disk consumption issue which users are facing in Windows 10. I am a Linux user now. I used windows for 15 years but now I moved to Linux on a personal laptop and I am happy with it because Linux gives me freedom. A freedom which I am unable to experienced completely in Windows for last15 years. The greatest OS ever created by Microsoft is Windows 7. And after that we see the downfall. I hope Microsoft has learned from its Mistakes in Windows 11. Also, I would like to see new ideas and features from Microsoft. I wish Microsoft will not copy ideas from Linux community.

  6. I installed Windows 11 on Virtual Box and its working fine. But i didn't get the rounded corners :/ is anyone facing the same issue?

  7. There will be no Windows 11. Windows 11 is currently an internet myth. Not all information what you see in the internet is true and this one is fake news. Microsoft is focus in improving Windows 10 as the latest version of Windows with two feature updates per year.

  8. We dont need only looks!
    We need solid features such as :
    Go all in ARM cpu support & compete with- Apple M cpus
    Fully control of hardware like controlling- cpu turbo ration & voltage with neat UI
    -no need for the user to install drivers & utilities. Also drivers & utilities should be combined instead of multi apps & should Microsoft force manufactures to do so

    & the list gos on. We need less repetitive menus & complexity , more efficiency & user friendly OS

  9. Windows 11 is super fast i think this one can beat linux cause i have beeen using it and it is super snapy even on low end pc!???!

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