10-core i9 iMac 5700XT Thermals & Benchmarks: Too Loud!?

Were we correct in our assumption about the 10-core iMac 2020? Does it sound like an airplane taking off? Does it hit 100°C? We Benchmark this 5700XT iMac BEAST to find out!
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We FINALLY got Apple’s 2020 5K iMac with the 10-core i9 processor and the INSANE 5700 XT graphics card with 16GB of VRAM!

We’ve already been using the $2300 model with the 8-core i7 and the 5500XT graphics for a couple of weeks now, so let’s see how much faster this model is!

In this video, we test various benchmarks like Geekbench 5’s CPU test and their Metal graphics test, Unigine’s Heaven Gaming Benchmark, Cinebench R20 CPU Stress Test and we also look at Fan speed and thermal throttling!

We grab and compare benchmark numbers from the 2019 i9 5K iMac with the 8-core CPU and the Vega 48 graphics, and we even compare some of the numbers to our $15,000 Mac Pro with the 12-core XEON and Vega II graphics card!

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Timestamps ⬇️
Introduction – 00:00
How to save $$$ on RAM – 0:48
Geekbench 5 CPU Test – 1:14
Geekbench 5 Metal – 3:27
Unigine Heaven Gaming Test – 4:55
Cinebench R20 CPU Stress Test – 6:24
Is the 10-core Worth it!? – 9:28

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  1. Were you expecting the 10-core to outperform my $15,000 Mac Pro? Comment your thoughts below!
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    Subscribe for MUCH more videos coming soon! Save $$$ on RAM from Amazon ⬇️
    32GB RAM Kit for 2020 5K iMac ➡
    64GB Ram Kit for 2020 5K iMac (order 2x) ➡
    128GB Ram Kit for 2020 5K iMac (order 4x) ➡
    2020 5K iMac ➡
    Watch our RAM Upgrade Guide video ➡
    How much RAM do you REALLY need for Macs!? ➡

  2. Hi bro, all your video are useful. Kindly Bro, Please suggest me an ups power supply for imac 27inch 5k

  3. I bought the 8 core with the 5700XT my own 64gig of ram and a 4TB SSD so I could split it in half. 2tb for Mac and 2tb for windows gaming. The performance is awesome, best iMac I've ever bought.

  4. I wonder if there's any upper limit on the spec sheet even though the way we use it doesn't change much over the decade.

  5. In Unigine my windows PC gets a score of 131 even though I Got it only 3 months ago as it runs Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630

  6. Thansk for video! How this unit cope with CPU and GPU temperature at idle? I want to use this unit programming? Should I worry about fan noise?

  7. hello bro i am planning to buy imac 2020 i have an doubt can i go with i9 processor and will the third party 32gb ram will run effectively? or shall i go with i7 with 32gb ram?

  8. Turn off Safari when running benchmarks. I noticed your Safari doesn't have an adblocker.

  9. Standard glass
    10 Core
    64 GB mem
    5700 XT Graphics
    10 Gig Ethernet
    Magic Mouse + Trackpad 2
    Final Cut Pro X
    Logic Pro X
    AppleCare +

    Total Cost = $9,546.98

    That’s me ordering today. Upgrading from a mid 2010 MacBook Pro. I will get into whatever I have to learn to make the most of this machine ?. This better be future proof specs ?

  10. Sir please donate me an ipad i need it very badly.I'm a big fan of Maxtech.I watch your every single video.Please sir donate me an ipad??May god bless you..

  11. Hello, is there any fan noise test of the 8-core I7 and 5500XT? I wonder if it is quiter then mac mini 2018 / 2020 for Music Production (Logic Pro X) and for FCPX 4K footage or Blizzard Gamining (Native OSX no bootcamp windows especially StarCraft II, Diablo III). I just sold Mac mini 2018 and I want some upgrade. I had Core i7 and 16GB Ram of Mac mini, but it was not enought powerful for my music projects on Catalina. I found I need like 30% more power. Thanks!

  12. Definalty we need to have a power backup for this, in case of a power cut. So please share some more details on UPS. Which best and suitable for this iMac configuration.

  13. some people say that the base 8 core is even louder is that true?? thats my only concern i dont wanna hear the fan the whole time while working in logic or in final cut

  14. The I9 10 core is a better processor if your doing music go for the I9 and install the RAM yourself. You’ll see down the road why.

  15. What's the difference between the 5500 XT, 5700, and 5700 XT when it comes to video editing? I need help deciding which to buy.

  16. Wedding photographer here. Sold me on the 8 core and 5700 video card. Will flex and do my own 128 GB RAM upgrade and report back.

  17. Great video, so my question would be, would you recommend this for music production (upgrading the ram)?

  18. Hmm, looks like my edit experience will be awesome, compared to my old iMac. FCPX looks like it really utilises the GPU well. But I am still unsure since they are going to leave Intel. hm tempting though. I suppose Mocha based motion tracking will be faster too.
    My late 2013 (top spec) iMac:
    Metal 5708 (10 times slower)
    Multi core 3490 (3 times slower)
    Single core 910 (slightly 1/3 slower)

  19. For people wondering how the 3.3Ghz i5 performes on geekbench 5, (With 8GB Ram).

    Single Score : 1187
    Multi Score : 5854

  20. Hi, Is there a major difference between the top-of-the-line iMac 2020 (i7 only because the i9 is not interesting ) and the top-of-the-line iMac Pro? Thanks for your answer

  21. You youtubers keep saying you save moeny with ram and thst is why apple ends up saudering them on the board…

  22. Go 8 core then and get the better graphics card _ but have been reading about the graphic card having it’d own faults all ready

  23. Hey thank you, for the video my question is…. I preorder the Sony a7siii and will be doing some raw footage I will get the i am upgrading to the 5700 XT 16GB and would like to know what processor is best to edit my 4k videos I use lugs and text and also do some graphic design like adobe photoshop and illustrator, but mostly will be use for video editing

  24. For the love of god stop adding in that blur when you punch zoom in. Feels like my eyes are losing focus


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